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Time travel mindset Theory is what i had always believe, wow! (5)
Great thinkers reflecting on the human condition - who would you like to see more of on Ideapod? (11)
Are we prepared to welcome the AI into our lives, think of a new friend that is always right and talks about things you did not know existed? RTU (3)
The difference between what is heard and understood and what is said and expressed caused real issues. RTU (1)
A demonstration of AI in the real world before humanity discovered the possibility of AI. RTU (1)
The most best website you can use. I just spent a day here, including while I slept. HD and audio! Very RTU (1)
Can we provide and maintain a list of "problems or symptoms", single sentence limit, readers can submit theirs, here on Ideapod? RTU (1)
For those interested in climate and what to expect please watch this talk. RTU (5)
The world has a lot to offer, just like Ideapod, within both, which has higher value, conversance or perspicacity? RTU (1)
A general resource many may need but not be aware of, check this out! RTU (3)
Why is it that the most important thing to do is often the most challenging thing to do? RTU (1)
I am putting together a post, maybe for here or the "big time" discussions on a specific topic. I am asking for comments, your thoughts. RTU (1)
Something worth reading and I did not have to think very much to decide to post it. (Updated post) RTU (1)
Where is everybody? I am led to believe the audience here is worldwide, show me your world, please. RTU (4)
If you are alone in your thoughts what can you do to improve the likelihood you will meet others who are interested in the world, others like yourself? RTU (3)
We are now a few months into the second life of Ideapod, what have we been given and where is it going? RTU (1)
I have been formally trained to conduct brainstorming sessions because Smith Corona needed to reinvent the typewriter. RTU (1)
We are getting a significant do-over. RTU (1)
You may be wise to avoid acquiring labels, words used to make you something you are not. RTU (1)
Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate? Nope, you have selected door 2; you want door 1. - RTU (1)
So, what is your problem? Yes, look in a mirror. Next? - RTU (3)
If things are not going well here is an excellent source of fighting spirit, it will make your problems seem insignificant RTU (1)
The world, at least a lot of it, is available online via street-view and you should explore it. RTU (1)
Looking for those that understand correlations are not causations and are the solution to global warming before the lack of grass eliminates the lawn mower manufacturers. RTU (1)
Life and what its all about (2)
Comparing yourself to others (7)
Why the world is how it is, is understood by the weight of decisions it must support. RTU (1)
Like a tineid to the flame. What is the best way to gain a transfer of ideas here on Ideapod? (2)
Ideapod is soliciting "raw thoughts, unfinished as they may be" and I will do what I can to help fill the void (3)
Nearly everything we've been told about mental health and addiction is wrong (2)