10 reasons having a religion is madness


You say “Our true fundamental axioms become evident by an analysis of our actions.” Until we need to make big decisions, Terraform Mars and the Moon and Venus? Move everyone there and make Earth a theme park? We have a billion times a billion actions we have not yet made so we are too much of a child to be judged by adult standards.


Actually Jordan Peterson said that and I agree with him. I think it refers to us individually, I don’t think it refers to to large scale human movement designed by self imposed royalty such as terraform Mars with a theme park. Although that might be cool… JK.


I’m compelled to believe in humanity by the billion times a billion things we actually do as a collective to keep society every day. The fact that we Always have water, electricity etc… It really is nothing short of a miracle the billion things that must go right in order for me to commute home every night from work, yet every day there it is like a magic carpet.


Is it humanity that makes things happen or the individual? You and I are talking because an individual is providing us this platform. It makes use of the internet that was started by an individual. Humanity has a lot of individuals but I do not recall anything that was created from the start by a large collection of humanity. If our conversation does not help either of us to improve something that is important to us we will have not used this resource properly. What is important to you?


We must act and bear responsibility as individuals.
That sentence is humanity in a nutshell. I think you can’t separate the individual from environment and certainly humanity is part of the environment. I like a term used in Moby dick that that referred to a group mentality as "the Freemasonry we share " in that humanity is bonded and separate simultaneously. This conversation helps me I know because as I try to navigate, you force me to find the best word I can come up with to bring my jumbled perceptions to a higher resolution . That is in itself the ball game.


I think I understand your words. However, I grew up on Science Fiction and am very comfortable with many, so many they may be infinite, races in the universe that have somewhat to total difference from our community. I look at the human race as one instance of what can happen when you are in a constrained situation (Earth) and have little imagination (as a global community.) Look at what the creative people have given us as how the aliens may appear, generally a very nasty lot. In my story I have discovered a very interesting race of aliens, three actually in my story, determined how the universe and all the laws were created. I am currently thinking about how to speed up time in a defined area (we can slow it down with motion or gravity), why not speed it up? And I am still learning how this reality (our planet and people) work.


William Lane Craig’s view:


The first argument works for me and the second is not necessary, it is using words, which are so subjective, to make an argument. Before we had people would the second argument have meaning as the T Rex was devouring the baby Triceratops from his neighbors back yard?


Star trek has been an excellent humanity conversation in my view. The conversation on the prime directive was brilliant.


My aliens have an equivalent, “Do no harm.” It allows enough wiggle room but makes the point. Often the results of any decision of theirs may take awhile to manifest themselves. And is it measured on some scale with “benefit” and “harm” weighed against each other? I am not sure, too many chapters yet to be written.


Perhaps reality is the result of sub-conscious decisions we make collectively and individually that are alien to us. Can there be an actual linear distinction between self and the universe ?


My universe is my reality so I am reality. You are welcome to view it from my point of view.


At what point is your point of view yours ?


Good question. Each morning or after a nap, I look at my dream and wonder where that came from. Since this is an every day happening and since I can not discuss them with the dreamer perhaps my point of view is shared. Perhaps bouncing between my conscious self and whatever does the dreaming.



Do you believe there are moral truths? If so, from where do they come?


They could be part of DNA as they will help survivability. And they do work. And your question was do they exist, not where do they come from if they exists. Gravity exists and those that fail to honer its power will eventually make a great impression on something.


I know this question wasn’t addressed to me but I feel compelled to navigate it. I think perhaps at the earliest, smallest scale is the atom, like shakyamunis bold declaration, "between heaven and Earth, I am the only honored one. " We have no idea what compels atoms to join , organize and stop at a point to create a fixed structure. Let’s suppose a single atom has individual sovereignty, if it perceives another atom and joins it, it loses individual sovereignty but becomes something greater, could that be considered love. Seeing another and being willing to lose individual sovereignty for it.
Is it then an ethical crime not to release individual sovereignty and bring positive potential in ones environment, if it isn’t a crime then why is it punished by



It is a two-part, if-then question. I gather that you do believe moral truths exist? Gravity is not an example of a moral truth in my opinion. DNA-governed behavior also is not such an example. I guess I should also ask you whether you believe we have freedom and choice as to how we behave.


Are there words that can be used to describe what DNA does? Yes. The limit is that we have not cracked the genetic code so we are limited by the words available to us. Think of it like this. Give the Wright brothers a list of performance specifications for a 747, ask them to describe the plane. They understand the parameters, how high, fast, capacity, etc. But do not have words necessary to describe the plane or its key components. You use the words “moral truth” now how can that be converted into the instruction set of DNA?



I submit that it cannot.