10 reasons having a religion is madness


Since it is part of the DNA it will be necessary for science to learn more.


What is the evidence for genetic origin of moral truth?


It is not the origin, it is the container that carries it from person to person. Its origin was of necessity in human development and it caused us to change and this change is carried from generation to generation by our genetic code.


Moral truth is genetically inherited?


Yes, it is how we behave, and those that behave properly are the ones that have more babies and thus carry the behaviour forward.


So moral truth correlates with fecundity?


Yes. If humanity just stopped having babies and disappeared from the planet what would be left with moral truth?


How then must one explain the widespread absence of moral truth in observed human behavior?


The inability of the observer to understand what they see. Most observers from the human race are so encumbered by their own bias and background they can not see what is in front of them. In my stories, the aliens do not have this problem and can see humans for what they truly are. You speak of the absence of moral truth, how would you recognize it, how would it manifest itself in your eyes?


There are many examples: torture, rape, imprisonment, slavery, etc.


Here is a definition that makes sense to me and it seems to put DNA in the driver’s seat as an unbiased participant.


I read the article on moral truth and do not see how it puts DNA in the driver’s seat. It intelligently defends the idea of absolute moral truth and critiques moral relativism. Are you saying that moral absolutes can only come about through evolution as expressed in our genes?


As we “evolve”, we, as a race learn how to behave. This behaviour is encoded in our genetic code and passed on to future generations.


We have the moral truths which direct us not to kill, steal, nor lie. Yet we do all of this. How is genetic evolution related to truths which do not match behavior?


A fair question. We have 7 billion people created from the same genetic code. The mental and physical attributes are very different between people and can be represented by the common bell curve. Same with behaviour. You usually do not judge an individual by the place they live or work. In fact you try to not judge anyone as you lack the knowledge to do so. We as humanity are exporting our DNA into our AIs because they can spend a lot more time thinking. Eventually our AIs will learn how to edit our DNA and improve us even more. The future will be interesting.


The point of my question is that moral truth is not behavior and is not related to genetic programming. Moral truth is an idea or a standard to which we aspire and thus to overcome our atavistic nature.


This is what our genetic programming does, for example:


Sure: genes certainly play a role in determining preferences. I submit that moral truth is not a preference.


That which ensures the race survives is a genetic preference. We share our genetic makeup across all 7 billion humans. Individuals can be bad people but on the whole people are biased to be good by their genetic programming.


Moral truth survives whether our species survives or not. I submit that moral truth has no genetic basis apart from its common relationship with creation.