4 reasons why "self-improvement" is a completely bogus idea


And I find this all confusing. After I figured out how the universe came about (needed that for my screenplay) the discussions of religion and politics and vulnerable earth all seemed to have less significance. Believing in something, strongly or casually, will not change what you believe in. For a person who believes that life is really like the sitcoms and soap operas they watch on Hulu or Netflix there is probably not much that can be done to provide them with enlightenment. It is the people who question everything and respect the opinions of those providing answers who will acquire new standards and be free of the mindlessness of TV. If your life is just a poor sitcom or drama it is your responsibility to change it.


@justinbrown - Thanks much for the response. And the commitment to assembling more research in forthcoming articles. Also, if you could give your articles a “positive” spin it might actually help people make informed choices. Yes, negative headlines are the most click-bait worthy! However, giving a negative spin and painting with a broad brush smacks of a total bias - and does not make for a balanced article. While fear and negative hues might work in the short term, they never work in the long term. History is full of such instances - and evolution of all species is itself a testimony. I wish Ideaod the best, and my comments are aimed at making this more useful, truly, for the greatest number, in the long term. Cheers!


@Cheenu, @BillAmes, @ACD, @justinbrown and those who follow along quietly contemplating these discussions…

This is Ideapod as it evolves…

There may be no better explanations than that of example. Of a collaborative pondering of the value of healthy discussion. Of absorbing, evolving ideas, building upon them to arrive at a new perspective to once again dismantle the notions of truth, of reality, of the #senesof what is.

I am honored to be in your presence as you each pull back the curtain on your journey, thoughts, ideas and presence of mind.

With gratitude,


I must concur with this thought. As we leave “the notions of truth, of reality, of the #senesof what is.” in a heap of dismantled thingamabobs and whatchamacallits scattered in the mind’s refuse bin I am thankful I can fill that void with sturdy common sense built by the memories forged in a great war where we worked together, from babe to battleship to make a new generation. Where please and thank you were the common words and great inventions were just over the horizon. Today, help is just a click away, here is as good a place to start as any, the story has already begun, please turn the page.


The privilege is equally mine, and thanks much for your kind words. Yes, it is very useful and necessary to have an exchange of thoughts, with the utmost respect for the other. I do a fair bit of research myself, both in the course of my work as a HappYness Coach, and a “social scientist” - and find that the only truth is that there are multiple version of “the truth.” And given that, it is mist useful to listen, introspect, and engage for mutual benefit. Cheers!


It will be difficult for science to find answers to environmental, health, energy or genetic problems if research groups are getting different results because some universal constant (truth?) is different for them. Can I assume that the truths you refer to are the opinions of people, of any age and any education, no constraints? A person looking for personal truth should be able to search until they find some they like. Scientists may find the value of some constant (a truth) prohibits them from making some new useful tool. They accept that.


What each “believes” to be the way things are, is what I refer to as “multiple versions” of the truth. And hence most useful to have a respectful curiosity to learn and add to one’s knowledge. And whatever scientists and others may find out, there will always be something new to learn. And yes, I agree with you.


Are the people doing well the ones that are believing the right things and those that are doing poorly just need to believe differently and all is well? If this is the way then we can fix everything really quick. Have they ever done a TV show about a family that does things through their beliefs? Great creative potential here.


Bill, I am reminded of something I read a while ago at a coffee shop - written in chalk: “we don’t have to agree on ANYTHING to be kind to one another.”

Whilst this might be going away from the article that we commented on, and which got us to communicate with one another, there are multiple aspects in your message - doing well, Believing, right things, doing poorly. All of those are very subjective and dependent on the circumstances and situations.

The same action could be “right” in on situation and “wrong” in another. Where I come from, India, we have the concept of “dharma” - which is a Sanskrit word, and does not have a direct translation in any other language (That I am aware of yet). My definition of “dharma” is rather long - “appropriate action, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate manner, with the appropriate beings (humans included), for the appropriate reasons, that ensures the greatest good for the greatest number of beings (again, humans included).”

My submission is that the caption I reproduced at the beginning probably sums it up very well - we do not need to agree on ANYTHING to be kind to one another. Yes, there is a great potential for creativity and for dialogue, and exchange of thoughts and ideas to ensure greater good for the greatest number.

Apologies if that was (1) long (2) sounded like a sermon - Not intentional. :slight_smile:


It is unlikely we will communicate with anyone for any extended period without finding disagreements. Now, being kind is just normal proper human behavior. I can see your use of the word “appropriate” does open up relationships to a lot of subjective evaluation. It is probably best that people do as little as possible that can be misunderstood. If something kind is intended you have done as much as you can. A lot of the helpful articles on Ideapod all are well-intentioned, I am sure of that.


Absolutely @BillAmes: As they say, it is all right to disagree - and best not to be disagreeable in the process. Cheers! Best to all here who have contributed, and participated.