A Century of War Anglo-American: Oil Politics and the New World Order


In the discussion on 10 reasons having a religion is madness @ACD shared a link to an interesting book:

Therefore I wanted to post it here as a book recommendation.

@ACD, are you able to give a snapshot to what people may learn from reading this book?

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Engdahl provides a revisionist history of what drove the century of war which began in 1914, focusing on the centrality of oil as a strategic resource and relating it to the German challenge to British hegemony and competion for control of Ottoman territories. I have not seen this approach elsewhere. Engdahl writes convincingly.


“Both Japan and Germany had embarked upon wars of conquest for similar reasons - access to resources, particularly oil. And it was shortages of oil that had ultimately contributed to each nation’s defeat.”

This piece complements Engdahl’s thesis.


“The alliance between Washington and Ankara is in crisis. NATO is in crisis. In turn, a Turkey NATO-Exit could potentially destabilize NATO. We are at a dangerous crossroads.”