A Solution for Loneliness


Loneliness is rampant, and it’s killing us—literally. Anywhere from one quarter to one half of Americans feel lonely a lot of the time, which puts them at risk for developing a range of physical and mental illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and depression. This is a public health problem that needs to be addressed on a wide scale.​


Some words in the article really got my attention, here, “mentoring across ages could be a powerful way to volunteer and connect…” I have found this to be a wonderful way to spend time. There are so many that need help and just picking people at random I can make a difference. The only problem is some disappointment when the youth are so sure they know it all that they fail to listen and learn. The most difficult types of people to find, the ones that can offer me even more than I can do for them, are people with imagination. I wish I knew where to find them. That will help solve many problems of loneliness.


My project, Making L.A. a Friendlier City, will give people permission and encouragement and subject matter for talking to each other, which could go a long way to relieving loneliness. It didn’t get enough votes to get the grant I submitted it for, but I’ll go ahead and do it on my own. The grant money would have made it popular, but I don’t need any money to get it to happen where anyone who participates will get its benefits. If people get on my mailing list, they’ll get info on it launching. And, this is a pilot project where we will encourage other cities to do it, too.


I just recently made a blog post about me taking antidepressants for the 1st time. Yeah, loneliness is the no. 1 malady of the modern times. The technology is advanced but it caused more unhappiness in people in unprecedented ways.