A suggestion to present your ideas to others in ways they are able to understand

(ACD) #1

May I suggest looking for a way to pitch your ideas within other people’s latitudes of acceptance?

What is an idea? How do you experience having one?
(Bill Ames) #2

Here is something that may be very useful. But first I need to know if a person is capable of having an opinion of their own. Some people are so strongly programmed by politics and religion and ignorance that they can not change, they in fact can not hear anything they disagree with. I will not spend time trying to set them straight. Like being in a self driving car that would only go to the next charging station no mater where you wanted to go. One of my skills in a real world discussion is I will change sides, I will alter my position on the fly as this makes the encounter more enjoyable. The people this is successful with have to be able to understand subtle changes in the discussion, they need to be smart and enjoy the conversation and can change themselves. Be like me I suppose. xD

(ACD) #3

As this is a subjective determination, may I suggest broadening the criteria for qualifying as smart or conversational?

Is the key to real progress simply to forget the past?
(Bill Ames) #4

But that would include my cat and she is bossy enough now, to giver her more to think about might be counter productive.

If that was to work both ways I would have to listen to the arguments of obese people who were claiming that being fat was ok! Are things like this all subjective?

(ACD) #5

Yes, they are, but none of it requires a reply. Some posts may go unanswered.