About success .different peoples have different take on it


What is success according to you? define in your own views? some peoples assigns it as collection of too much money,some to get good degree,have married with loved one etc.


To me success is that you have lived a life where you have enjoyed your work, did no harm and had the opportunity to be creative.


For me, success is living my life providing value to others around me while being true to my principles and striving to get the best out of myself.


How do you determine what others value and what do you do if their values and yours are not compatible?


I suspect that success must always be yet to be achieved, it’s like ones potential, always out in front of you like a golden snitch. If you catch it not only do you win, but your whole team wins , game over.
Many who have achieved their highest goals,have tragedy ahead. We tend not to want success, it’s a psychological paradox. It’s why many sabotage their marriage or other pursuits , that obtaining it is death relative to pursuing it. Often ones conscious pursuits are in conflict with subconscious pursuits.


For success to be real than failure must be real, however in a universe made to facilitate our decisions, only the universe can fail and the maker is the only one to make such a judgement. So, without a means of failure we all will be successful by default. You think you failed, did you play your part in the universe? That is the ultimate participation award.