About the Ideation category

(Justin Brown) #1

The #ideation category is a place to share an idea you want to discuss and collectively brainstorm with the community.

The original topic creator should clearly explain what they want to discuss and the kind of feedback they are looking for.

Discussions around ideas are usually quite free-flowing and will likely spawn new ideas to be discussed. Please use the “reply as linked topic” for new ideas that emerge. Guidance on this functionality is here.

Please keep the discussions civil and supportive of each other’s ideas. We also have guidelines on how to disagree here.

The kinds of ideas discussed on Ideapod usually focus on collective understandings we have about society, who we are, the world we live in, etc. Ideation discussions help the readers of these discussions to better understand the concepts that shape who they are and the lives they are living.

If you would like to suggest additional guidelines for this category, please share them by replying below!

(Justin Brown) #2

We’ve changed the name of this category to Ideation (from Idea Journal). Please see the description above.