About the Questions category

(Justin Brown) #1

This category is for posting questions that you would like to explore in discussion with the Ideapod community.

Ideapod is about exploring the ideas that shape our lives. This category is about asking questions about why things are the way they are, and what we think are the ideas that will shape our future.

Some example questions that have already been asked on the site are as follows:

To get this category started, please consider posting your own question in this category by thinking through the following questions:

What is a question that you would like to more people to ask themselves and explore about the world we live in? What do you think are the questions that in 20 years we will wish we spent more time exploring today?

Anyone can create a topic in this category, and it needs to have the title phrased as a question. In the description, please share some context about why you think this question is worth exploring, and the general feedback you’re looking for.


  • Please get into discussions in the replies, exploring different aspects of the question together.
  • We encourage civil interactions according to our community guidelines. Please keep discussions focused on the ideas that emerge, not on the people that are sharing them.
  • The creator of the original question should feel free to moderate the discussion, deleting replies that they think are off-topic. They should also clearly set the parameters for discussion in their original post.
  • We encourage sharing links to other resources in your response. When people click on these links, they’ll appear at the top of the topic as resource for others that come and read the discussion.
  • We have options on how to organize the discussion. We can change the replies for them to be able to be “up-voted”, so that the best reply rises to the top. However, for now we will keep the interface as promoting discussion through replies, as that’s more in line with the interactions we want Ideapod Discussions to spawn.
  • I’m going to move some of the posts in #ideajournal into #questions to get us started.
  • If you have any ideas for how to better set the parameters for this Questions category, please reply to this post or share them in #site-feedback!

(Bill Ames) #2

We need more people participating. So far I have enjoyed the new topic category but Ideapod is not supposed to be a sandbox for me. Just thought of a new question. Must go. :slight_smile:

(Justin Brown) #3

I suggest asking some thoughtful questions and then being patient with getting responses. Ideapod Discussions automatically sends a weekly wrap-up of what’s been happening to anyone who hasn’t logged in during the last week. We’re getting new users each day. I think best to just be patient and give others a chance to respond.