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Hi Everyone!
I am Pravin Khade,native of Pune,Maharashtra,India.
I work as a deputy collector (class 1 /Group A) in the government of Maharashtra.
At present, I am posted in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra.
Sindhudurg is a beautiful district which is just 90 km from Goa, a famous tourist place.
I am in the process of a change in my career.
I get inspired by the posts on Ideapod, which are of great help to me in the process.
I want to thank Justin for this amazing platform he created.
Thanks all !!!


Well, Iam Redeemer. If I was to introduce myself by the animal of my taste…I would say am a lion. Very small bodied but strong on the inside which h has been my great motivation on my life’s journey.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of everything that’s going to happening in here!


I’m not tech savy and hope I am introducing myself in the right place. My name is Michael Boesewetter and I am a Certified Peer Specialist in the mental health field. I am located in a small town outside Dallas Texas and will be relocating soon. I am open to starting a conversation about the mental health system, topics, or the Peer Movement in the world. Just off the top of my head I would say I’m a Hawk…the totem animal for messenger


Hi @pkk25! Sorry I just saw your post here as it was made as a response rather than a new topic. That’s fine. Really glad to know that you’re inspired by Ideapod. Looking forward to getting to you know you more through these discussions.

@redeemer, interesting way to introduce yourself! If I was to introduce myself as an animal, it would be as a falcon. I love these birds, how powerful they are for having such a light frame. They have great long distance vision and are the kings of the sky. Here’s an article I wrote about the falcon:

@mikeybo1964 hello! Similar animals chosen :wink: The best place to start a new conversation is in #ideajournal. It would be great to know your thoughts on mental health and related topics. You are always welcome to contribute an article through the Contribute section: www.ideapod.com/contribute


Hi I am Nestor. Hello. I just discovered this web page on facebook and
I have to say I love please read my post about what I call the time traqvel mindset