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What is the alien origin and how is it different?


Part of my screenplay. They originated (their race) about 8 billion years ago, and after a billion years they had engineered an infinite lifespan. There is no faster than light travel, but they have stasis capability so if a trip takes a million years they go into stasis for that time. I am always attempting to get people of talent interested in my story so they can provide feedback (or art if they are capable.) It is just one of four stories. If you are interested, tell me about yourself, if not, that is ok also.


If I understand correctly, you are a writer and what we have been discussing is a world you have created?


Just a science fiction screenplay. I needed a rational reason why we have not had first contact.


So we have gone from justice to robots to first contact.


I can manage the part my characters play in the universe, it is beyond me to figure out what humanity will do. I am still trying to figure out how to make my character interesting to people, it is very difficult.

Also note, I am well known for discussing multiple things at once. We are discussing all you mention, I did not stop. I do my best to keep topics in separate sentences. :wink:


Character development becomes interesting in the context of conflict. Justice is all about conflict. Who is your character?


The prime alien race (there are two others) has two characters. Sketch and Owl. I have not determined any gender or relationship yet. Their prime directive is “do no harm”. Sketch is “people” oriented and Owl “things oriented.” There is conflict in the story but for them it is doing what they need to do with no resulting harm.

Tell me about you please, where in the world?

Their race is made of very independent individuals. They have unlimited resources and do what they want. They do not normally interact with lesser races. There is one race like them in a galaxy, there are a trillion galaxies so there are many advanced races. But they just communicate by broadcasting as real time exchanges are not possible. No faster than light stuff.

No, your turn to contribute.


I am in London. How can I contribute?


Suggest a way of managing gender and relationships for characters that will live forever. They basically look at the universe as a 10 year old would see the world. Sketch and Owl have a ship the size of earth but made of sentient matter so they do not have to be concerned about anything. As a 10 year old would not worry about his/her bicycle. They can (and will) meet other races. Do you have an email as some stuff is not for public consumption, it is a creative product. Are you an artist? Doctor who fan? Monty python fan? What do you do? Do the following names have any meaning to you: Odd, Alya, Raven, Peridot or Twilight? Anime?


This is all way out of my depth. I am interested in philosophical discouse about world order and justice. Glad to be led into other areas but no expertise to contribute to yours I’m afraid.


And I none in your area. My character’s world is very orderly, been so for a billion years or more. The other races are all acting like hungry cats and demanding too much attention. You have chosen a very difficult path. Good luck.


Thank you. Keep you posted? There are two articles on this platform.


Feel free to contribute to my enlightenment. Learning is right up there with creativity as a life goal.



In the technological era we live in I find reference to a world without supercomputers, the internet, AIs like discussing the impact of mistakes made by hunter-gathers 40 thousand years ago on the quality of my tea. If I saw items that covered things that would be addressed in 2, 5, 10 or 20 years I would find them relevant. If the target audience is middle school students then ok, keep it up, but do not forget tomorrow, that is where the progress will be made. Thank you for sharing.


Would you go so far as to say that, in the current technological era, heritage, politics, influence, and, by definition, history are things of the past and not worth studying?


The past is always worth studying. The errors people made were often on the human, not the technical level. The fixies that were applied were both, human and technical. A lot of the technical fixes are no longer relevant. And we need to find the fixes using new technology as those may be the only ones that work. It requires almost a full time effort to find new solutions, a lot of searching the technology as it is being developed. I believe we need discussions in that area. When you find a way to get water out of the air (it can be done) it involves no politics or religion, they were not involved. We need AIs to help develop the new technology. Lets talk about them. :slight_smile:


Let us focus the discussion on robots. I am not Hal.


Robots are just the case, they will all have AIs in them. Should we talk about AIs?