ACD: my #whoswho


What is artificial intelligence?


It is something like our consciousness but running on hardware, not a biological CPU.


How does one program consciousness?


You try to emulate a process (consciousness) that you do not understand. When you get something you really don’t understand that does stuff acceptably you claim success and start version II. As I pointed out, wait fifty years and read the sales data sheets at that time. We do not yet know what we are doing, it is just a first step.


That sounds like a very honest appraisal and a reasonable way to set expectations.


Listen to this:



Using IT to model human brain function?


Did you read it? More than that I think.


Yes. What more? Much of the article described how the human brain anticipates what comes next in speech.


It is as I predicted. AI for you and me, mostly you (or the youth of the world.)


This reminds me of the chemistry sets and plastic models for assembly of the human body that I took so seriously as a lad.


I remember chem sets, they cannot do that anymore, too much for a kid to eat. I multitask. The French websites are all videos, no word lists. :thinking:


Make a list of the words you would like and I can send them to you.


Your offer made me think. I needed to search for common English words and Google found a lot so I thought to myself, self, change “English” to “French” and search. And yes, I found many. You offer has given me insight. Ideapod has proved its value, wonderful. :wink:


Domingos’s book is an introduction to machine learning and how it relates to everyday life.


“Yes, AI has been hailed as a transformative family of technologies that will bring about a radically improved standard of living for people around the globe. On the other hand, there are numerous potential uses of this technology to inflict incredible harm on individuals, and the risk of abuse becomes greater the more AI research is funded or directed by government agencies. Malinvestment (or “malscience,” in this case) is encouraged by political funding of R&D, and the Pentagon has explicitly stated they seek to use this technology in military applications. Rather than not going far enough, Trump’s Executive Order has already gone too far by explicitly bringing this technology into the political realm because the state is simply too dangerous to grant a leading role in AI development.”


AI is just an evolution of hardware and software. There are people today that do not understand their PC, how it works and why it does what it does. They may think it is bad but that is only because they do not understand it. AI is just more of the same and for those that do not understand it they may think it is bad. We have people on the planet that are “bad” and people can not understand why these bad people think the way they do. AI is just the new car, the new TV, do not be afraid.


Should we be afraid of embedded surveillance in CPU gadgets? Is there any such thing as an uninterpreted fact?


I had to look for that. xD

We are moving into the age of knowledge where we will just become more data. That is how humanity is evolving. Only be afraid of the things you can not control. The rest is just the environment.