ACD: my #whoswho


We are nothing more than data? From whose perspective?


This is how our DNA sees us and based on this data makes changes to improve itself.


Our DNA sees us as data? Ou DNA has volition?


Yes, it has full control of our cells, makes changes to the cells and eventually to all humanity.


DNA is similar to AI, I suppose?


We do not know, by looking at DNA what it will produce. DNA has small differences between some species so the power of DNA to make things is very powerful. We do not know by looking at the program code and hardware for an AI what it will produce. The final end results. So yes, they have similar characteristics. DNA is responsible for the creation of AI so it is likely to improve both.


But are we nothing more than our AI DNA?


If we leave out “religion” then yes, just like the mice and the trees. What has humanity done? It has discover a lot that was there to be discovered. What has humanity done that is unique at the highest levels? We went to the moon. Yep, using tools. Crows use tools. Religion? No, it discovered us.


Religion and philosophy seek an answer premised on metaphysical beliefs or assumptions. Are we nothing more than our AI DNA? There is a metaphysical aspect to our being which is not contolled nor expressed by DNA.


You believe there is a metaphysical aspect to our being, so using such a resource, answer your AI/DNA question.


I believe we are more than bodies managed by DNA. How did the universe come into existence? From that same source, that same first cause, come the metaphysical part of our selves which resonates with all that is true and good and beautiful and which dissonates with all that is mendacious and wicked and disagreeable.


I could tell you how the universe came about but that is a chapter in my screenplay. Once you know it is so obvious. It also explains all the values for the physical constants. Knowing this I do not have to think about it.


May I have the gist of your answer, especially if it explains the source of the big bang?


That which existed before the BB designed what was necessary for a successful universe, including how it might be used. And switched it on after establishing initial conditions of everything.

Also, here is something you may find interesting:

I just realized, this makes my point of aware DNA!


What existed before that which existed before the BB?


nothing until something was created in the virtual vacuum.


How was that something created from nothing?


As you read in the article particles are constantly being created. You do understand that?


“The concept of virtual particles arises in perturbation theory of quantum field theory where interactions between ordinary particles are described in terms of exchanges of virtual particles.” How was that something (different from the virtual particle case) created from nothing?


Virtual particles are constantly being created from empty space. You recall that?