ACD: my #whoswho


“I could tell you how the universe came about” Please tell me.


I already did, back up the page:

That which existed before the BB designed what was necessary for a successful universe, including how it might be used. And switched it on after establishing initial conditions of everything.


We’ve spoken in the past and I’ve always been impressed by your often unique perspective on subjects but I never realised you were creating a science fiction work of your own. I’ve read much of the genius works of Asimov and I’d love to read yours. Is there a link you might send me? I’d be happy to pay. I feel sure it would be good value.


I started reading SF in the early 50s and that is really all that has ever interested me (I am in my mid 70s). I would enjoy discussing my story with you (it is a screenplay) but we should do that off line. Email would be best, do you have an address? I think you can send it via a message here on Ideapod.


Never too late to broaden one’s interests!


I do, I spend a lot of time here:

The future is tomorrow, that is where everyone alive will be.