ACD: my #whoswho

(ACD) #101

“I could tell you how the universe came about” Please tell me.

(Bill Ames) #102

I already did, back up the page:

That which existed before the BB designed what was necessary for a successful universe, including how it might be used. And switched it on after establishing initial conditions of everything.

(Barry McCormack) #103

We’ve spoken in the past and I’ve always been impressed by your often unique perspective on subjects but I never realised you were creating a science fiction work of your own. I’ve read much of the genius works of Asimov and I’d love to read yours. Is there a link you might send me? I’d be happy to pay. I feel sure it would be good value.

(Bill Ames) #104

I started reading SF in the early 50s and that is really all that has ever interested me (I am in my mid 70s). I would enjoy discussing my story with you (it is a screenplay) but we should do that off line. Email would be best, do you have an address? I think you can send it via a message here on Ideapod.

(ACD) #105

Never too late to broaden one’s interests!

(Bill Ames) #106

I do, I spend a lot of time here:

The future is tomorrow, that is where everyone alive will be.

(Maria Pasvanti) #107

Good morning Acd. Is your profile photo the Alexander the Great? I also admire Socrates method and I love Hermann Hesse, especially Sidharta.