Acquiring Inner Peace


Hello my name is Melody and I hear individuals exchanging ideas on how to obtain inner peace, and I would like to weigh in on that subject. It is imperative that we become our own gate keepers. In that I mean, standing vigilant in protecting our heart, mind, and emotions. Avoiding things that needlessly upset our e itmotional balance. Things such as ridding ourselves of unrealistic expectations, guarding our association, showing caution in what we feed our minds, as in the content of what read or watch on television and the internet, the music we listen to, etc. But we also have the role as caretakers, nurturing our peace of mind, such as being poised to forgive, to be empathetic, showing gratitude in the smallest of things, showing brotherly love are just a few things we can do as caretakers. Finding and maintaining inner peace is an ongoing process and only those who are disciplined can find it and hold on to it.


Did you mean inner peace?


Yes, that exactly what I’m speaking of.


You used “inner piece” in the post, I am not being critical but it was confusing.


Thank you for catching that Bill, I appreciate it.


@melodysrhapsody, welcome. I think how you introduce yourself here is very relevant for the whole Ideapod community. Many of us are on the search for inner peace. Ideapod has been my own outlet for this exploration, whether in my own writings or just creating the platform for others to use it as they wish in finding a different connection with themselves. Glad you’re here.


Still one on the bottom. No problem. :slight_smile: