Alan Watts reveals how you can become a spiritual guru

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This essay was originally published in The Essential Alan Watts and was titled “The Trickster Guru”. With so many gurus emerging in the modern world to help you embrace change in your life, this is essential reading to help you spot “fake gurus”. — I have often thought of writing a novel, similar to Thomas…

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With great pleasure I came across this article again, which we published two years ago. I remember at the time excitedly publishing the article with the hope that it reaches many people who may potentially be prey of trickster gurus.

If I was to articulate one of the ideals of Ideapod, it would be that it’s a platform inspiring people to think for themselves. One of the surest ways of losing this deeper connection with yourself is from following a guru.

I do think we can learn from each other. I’m personally a big fan of much of the work of Noam Chomsky, for example. I also think Alan Watts himself has a lot of wisdom to share. I also enjoy sharing some of the perspectives of Krishnamuri on Ideapod, for example this article:

There’s a difference between learning from someone and putting them in the position of a guru. I’m sure there are some teachings of Jesus Christ that are worthy of the modern day and age. The same with Buddha. But, personally, I think worshipping deities or idols takes one away from a deeper connection with their own inner course of creativity.

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It is not who we listen to that counts, it is what we hear. Wisdom can arrive from many sources and you can only guess at what inspired such thoughts.

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It is a great mistake to seek wisdom from celebrities. Anyone holding themself out as a guru - or shaman or prophet or seer - can be regarded as an attention- and profit-seeking celebrity wannabe. Think for yourself and engage in radically controversial discussion with others who think differently.

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Context is so important. There may have been people that saw someone who was speaking like a prophet and really was one. A large coffee machine will only deliver hot water unless someone adds the secret ingredient. Ideapod must be sure it knows both as hot water is not all that satisfying.

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So it has always been my dream to be known as a guru. Not necessarily for the recognition so much as I would just love to stand and speak of what has inspired me to others for a living like Alan. Alan did not care for people in my profession and unfortunately, neither do I. There are too many crazies in my industry. There are too many insane people that have no business telling another how to live their lives. One day, I don’t know how far away (some psychic), work in the mystical and spiritual arts will require licensure and education. It’s unfortunate that I see so many waste money on what they believe is a cure or an answer.

That being said, I have been able to support my family in relative peace and comfort with what I make as a professional psychic medium for the past 9 years. I wish I knew why sometimes. Why this obsession. The fact is, it is an art. It is the art that sees to it that you help someone come to life. I listen to Alan all day, all of his lectures and books. I’ve done literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of his lectures. Some twice.

What I see in spirit remains whatever it is. What I hear from Alan is a greater understanding that there is nothing to understand. There is no answer to be shared. Some people already get that when they find me. They just need someone to say it out loud. I’m happy to do so for a fee, but I am also a philosophical entertainer. I study those with whom I relate most and those are modern gurus.

In doing so, I have reached a deep level of connection with humanity. It just happens to be possible for each and every individual to do that very thing. The problem is, not every individual will go seeking what I’ve found and may benefit from its discovery. I hold no keys, Alan himself, however, wrote about the effectiveness of a guru who is believe to be superhuman. I don’t know if that is what it is but I see people change for the better all the time. All I do is share the truth with them. The truth is, as Alan puts it, “we are one, held together by space.” However many creative ways I can say it, the fact is, you have what you want at this moment. There is no “better” thing no matter what the ego tells you. It’s always trying to make what’s at its best and more than enough, better.

What I’ve learned from Alan is mostly stated in the Tao Te Ching. I seek to be of service to man, today. I’m hoping I may never be seen as a bringer of “false hope.” All I know is the impact I seem to have on people is a good thing so keep going, keep working, keep marketing and building my rep so more will know and possibly be inspired by my experience and, God willing, find their own “gifts.” I don’t know, maybe I’m off.

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Thank you. Interesting to read your story. Are you what used to be known as a seer, for example, in the time of Nostradamus?

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Wonderful! You must have seen the future and value of Ideapod as the basis for you venturing into our world here. Can you tell us what is in store for Ideapod? Hmm, I am sure you can, will you share your enlightenment on this future with us?

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I don’t believe one ever becomes enlightened. It would soon be forgotten for the next day’s suffering. I believe one can spend a lifetime chasing something like enlightenment and never come close to its attainment and I don’t consider that a wasted life.

Should I stop commenting?

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I don’t know that much about “seers” or “soothsayers.” Nostradamus’ time was monstrous. Im not really sure if I identify with any of the biblical labels. For lack of a better term, I practice mediumship (speaking to the dead). I just do what I see and it seems to help.

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For goodness’ sake, no!

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What is the connection with the dead and helping?

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It’s like this, everyone can do it, few are open enough to accept that they have it. About 5 years ago I got a call from a young preacher of Protestant faith. He was very strong and firm in his beliefs of what was right and wrong and what the Bible said about this. He told me of his wife, that she was unable to have children, so they had planned a life of service and missionary work. She had died one month earlier, to the day, in a car crash. When he finished speaking, I apologized as I was only picking up the words, “I love your messages.” I started to offer him a refund as I had not run into a case, yet, that I could only come up with 4 words. His reaction to those words was exactly why I do this professionally. He sobbed hard for a good minute. When he finally calmed down, he said that it was his wife’s voice on his voicemail and he had been calling every day since she passed, to hear her. He said that he would then leave a message on his own voicemail telling his wife about his day. I would say “lucky guess” to anyone. I’ll put it this way, however, that is nowhere in the ballpark of an isolated occurrence. If it were a rarity even, I would have never kept going. I can’t think of a way to say that that doesn’t sound at least somewhat pretentious. I’ve worked really hard at this, been wildly successful. Also, I’ve seen some major failures. But, 14 years ago, when I stopped injecting meth and heroin abruptly, something came to life that I know not how to describe in mere words. To label it would be to reduce it. I therefore just have to leave it to the Universe to find those it deems suitable for spiritual awakening. As I can not guide another to it. I can merely make the transition less painful it would seem. For some reason, it almost always begins with trauma of some sort. There are few who I would call “spiritual” that got there only by way of education. Most awakened, or, “liberated” people tend to have some tragic, unthinkable back story. However, it is possible to educate oneself in spiritual awakening, prepare all of your life for your “white light” experience, only to never receive it. I say this about that… there is no one way to go about spiritual liberation. The way you have found is, in fact, exactly how it is done today. I’ve heard Alan say many times, “a fool who persists in his folly will become wise.” What that means to me, is that there is great understanding in allowing someone their foolishness, having faith that they will one day figure it out without your interference. Should one want to find the path of spirituality, There may be found upon it the ruins of their life as they know it now. I carry no answers other than those that you yourself now hold within. I shed a mere candlelight of illumination onto the caverns of treasure locked up inside you. With a reading, you are shown a glimpse, piece, shred, and if there is one who can interpret your visions, to them you should hold on. Meaning is everywhere and it is in nothing at all. Words that point to “enlightenment,” or whatever heightened sense of awareness one must undergo to achieve happiness and help others, seem completely meaningless. They are the words you hear a hobo say to himself, insanely, as you pass him on the street. It is the nonsensical noises of a child. If you seek to hear the answer, the sound may surprise you. I’m sorry, I’ll just keep going if I don’t cut it off there.

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Oh, the connection is that of a 5th dimension perspective. We are so limited here in height, depth, width and time. Those whom have crossed over and speak to me from the “other side,” have a knowingness of which I, once again, can not exactly explain in words.

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So is the help mostly with respect to the loss of a loved one?