All of a sudden, I'm "Asian Hitler"


Something unusual is going in the U.S.A in regards to its politics and I feel like I am caught in the crossfire. I’ve always held the same political beliefs since I was 18. I voted for Clinton in 2016, voted for Obama in 2008, believe in freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, LGBTQ’s rights, etc. and just the other day, I was called literally Asian Hitler. I was quite impressed with the insult by ANTIFA (Anti-Fascists) but all I said was that I did not believe that we should not deplatform Alex Jones, Richard Spencer, Milo, Tommy Robinson or Sargon of Akkad. In this article above, I feel as if I am being pushed out from the “Left” and there is this new fringe “Left” emerging here in the States. In this article, you can tell the left is fighting with the other left. Heck, even Ben Shapiro bombed an interview with another Conservative in the U.K. Lots of back and forth exchange between all sides that I feel the world is going nuts. Does anyone feel the same way?


I personally think that the Democrats are pushing for antichrist advocacies. My name is in the Book of Life, so I definitely won’t be drawn to the antics of Obama the 666.


I suspect political leanings have more to do with personality traits than right vs wrong. It’s as if all the people with creativity trait openness, stand against people who are more conscientious, as if society could stand with a. Singular personality type.

It seems to me that folks who see their opponent as evil use that paradigm to make themselves the good guy. Tribalism manifests itself in sports for example, us vs them. Scenes from Lord of the rings come to mind, the white wizard appears at the turning of the tide, the Clarion call , the music, these are external images of an internal process of chemical payoffs to thought patterns. Basically, folks on the extremes in politics have problems with their psyche and not with external things. That is self evident in my view. Does that mean we should all run to the middle ? Absolutely not, life should be a struggle, but be aware of yourself.


You’re saying Obama is the devil? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve always lean middle left in the political spectrum and in all honesty, I think that social media is making people worse.


I’m a Bernie supporter myself. I think you’re right about social media but it’s a tool, we shouldn’t blame tools for shoddy workings of society. Yes, worse because we know more in real time than before. We’re used to being spoon fed the news from self imposed royalty. Today, the news is owned by special interest so society has found a remedy.
New things are like a wave it is unsettling, we adjust adapt . If I ask myself, do I spend too much time on social media, the answer is always yes because the question posits that I could have been doing something real instead. Today , I spend alone time pursuing my interests. When I was growing up, (I’m 51) there were a handful of channels, no internet so you watched whatever happened to be on or you did activities that others wanted. Today I make it a point to waste no time in what I call alternative realities, for example, I don’t watch sports at all anymore, I don’t get invested in any way in the outcome of a basketball game or team anymore .
Today, I work, I spend time with my family, I write , I listen to lectures on you tube and I interact with people sorting things out in the world.
Sorry, I’m rambling on. :wink:


Yes Obama is the devil, the Antichrist in Revelations 13. He is the 1st Beast. The 2nd Beast will be the “Jewish Messiah” who will be worshipped by the Jews like Ben Shapiro.

According to St. Paul, our enemies are Principalities and Powers, unseen with the naked eye:

“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”

Being trapped in the political landscape or scheme of things is the Devil’s deception to mislead us, not to think, that we are already in the End of Times.


I personally won’t call you names and “Asian Hitler” is not even the apt term. Although on the outside, Trump seems to be white supremacist Hitler, Obama fits the bill more. And only those whose names are written in the Book of Life can clearly see that Obama is the devil. In World War 3, it will be a reversal of role for America. They will instead be the evil villain, and will assume the role of Germany during World War 2.


If you are the center of your universe, who can be its Antichrist, Christ , creator ?
If you were present at the crucifixion, would you fight ?
Would you weep, or would you spit at Christ or even hold the weapons used on him.
I choose to accept that I can be that beast of existence , I am a monster and choose not to do that. I choose to move towards a positive potential.