As the age of the AI blossoms, we will see opportunities for significant, positive, change. It will help everyone. RTU

(Bill Ames) #1

As can be seen by the topics selected for inclusion in support of the Ideapod demographic they require help. It appears that all areas of their personality, maturity, relationships, responsibilities, an experience can use support. If one includes cultural, political and religious beliefs plus family responsibilities they are living at life’s crossroads.

In the not too distant future, there will be support AIs available to counsel these people. The need to do this may be imposed by society, just as we insist children must be schooled up to a specific age.

In today’s society to provide individuals treatment for their needs, there is generally some process by which these people are qualified. If a person wishes to be a medical doctor and prescribe specific medication they need a license. However, a person can tell the world he believes such and such a medicine is the best and leave it up to those listening to find a way of accessing such medication.

Thinkers can tell anyone anything, free speech. Anyone can be a thinker. The world, the internet has millions of thinkers. The most popular are those that think and talk about common problems that affect the people who can hear their voices and have a tendency to be looking for such sources of thinking.

As we get into the age of AI thinkers, we will have a lot more to choose from. The AI will have access to all the knowledge and state information (basically a list of what is not going well for a demographic) and a history of what suggestions by human thinkers seemed to have or have not worked.

The AI thinkers will not appear to be of any nationality, race, gender, religion, language or education. This will be a selectable option by the user. If you want to be counseled by Edward Kelly that is your option, because of the power of the AI I would probably want to be counseled by Galadriel.

(Chris Lagos) #2

:movie_camera: Anthony Hopkins - they died saving my life - YouTube

The most appropriate line in the movie to insert here in my view is when Hopkins character asks , " do you know why people die in the wilderness ? They die from shame " it poses that characters in the movie actually died from lack of intelligence, character and potential, relative to Hopkins . In hubris I posit that in this instance , Hopkins character represents Ai.

(Bill Ames) #3

AI is just software. A better version of MS Word or Google Chrome or Windows 10. Eventually it will be more but that will not be for 280 years. You do not need to worry. If you play chess, play against a computer. That is just software. Write some fiction, put it in Grammarly, that is software and it will highlight your mistakes. Are you afraid of Grammarly? It is a potential AI. But not yet. But it spells better than you do, does that make you stupid or it smarter? Do not be afraid, the AI is not your enemy. It is your buddy, your friend.

(Chris Lagos) #4

I found significant security problems with grammarly so I deleted it. I can actually write fairly well , absent a rushed compulsion to lay out a fleeting thought.

(Chris Lagos) #5

I suspect a thing is not what it is . A thing is what it is becoming. I think that is a better mental position to navigate from .
The question of fear is a non-sequitur.

(Bill Ames) #6

Grammarly does not run on your computer so I have no idea what you deleted. You claim to have security problems with it, what are these problems.

(Chris Lagos) #7

You are correct when you say grammarly doesn’t run on my computer , because I don’t have a computer. :slight_smile:
I downloaded the app on my phone and it required access to all my passwords. To me that’s a deal breaker .

(Chris Lagos) #8

I acknowledge that I could absolutely be wrong about AI . I could be missing the point entirely , so could all of us . That’s why we converse .

I don’t converse to be right . Neither does anyone really.
Even though they may think so . We converse about issues because the the issue is like a gem . We oppose each other polishing the gem with our suppositions and seeing each other through it . The point is to actually see you and the gem in order to get value . Not merely see myself.

(Bill Ames) #9

Do you ever discuss real stuff? Here is real stuff:

I see that you prefer to talk about talking about stuff while I prefer talking about stuff. When you sit down to play Alpha Zero at chess you will only be able to make moves to make progress in the game. Talking about what you think Alpha Zero feels about the game will not progress the game. Talking about feelings you have when talking about feelings you have is very confusing to me. If we are discussing AI but I believe you do not understand AI then how can we improve the designs for the AI? What do you believe AI is?

(Chris Lagos) #10

:movie_camera: George Carlin Talks About “Stuff” - YouTube

I think you are quite wrong in your implications .
I have said plenty about stuff , it is like a finger pointing to the moon …

(Chris Lagos) #11

I honestly think that you don’t know what you are talking about . Here is my reasoning , the stuff you refer to is not merely what it is , it is ,

  1. What it is doing now
  2. What it will affect over time
  3. It is what will be lost because of it
  4. It is what will be gained from it.

It may satiate you if I spoke about mere properties of quantum Erasure technology , but that can be of no utility in conversation in my view .

You may point to a 6 ft dog eared redwood board and say "hey , that’s a 6 ’ dog eared redwood board " you’d be right , but I’d still say , no that’s a fence , it’s separating our yards . It’s keeping our boundaries separate and your dog off my yard , and will continue to do so for years .