Asking Existential Questions

(Mel Saint) #1

Through day trading, I am able to set myself free from the shackles of being a “mere cog in the machine”. Commuting to and from work, doing repeated desk jobs, paper shuffling, working 9 to 5, but not getting rich. The narrative sounds familiar, right? It’s no different with being an entrepreneur who opens his own sushi shop. He has to monitor his business the whole day as well, or else his employees will just squander. That’s why, with day trading forex, I could just in front of my PC for 2 hours, and that’s it. I’ve earned my year’s worth of salary. So I can now go to the gym, watch a movie (which I regularly do), eat in a fine dining restaurant, go to massage, or go to a strip club. Donate my proceeds to a charity online. Very simple right? That’s why I couldn’t fathom the logic of people who wanted to make their lives difficult, just for the sake of making it difficult. If there will always be an easy way out, why not? Aside from complaining how crooked or corrupt the government is, there are more productive ways to do things rather than blaming others. Whenever I walk in a mall, I always ask myself existentially, who will be their customers? If everybody’s just hanging around for the free air conditioning? Sales of the malls hinges on Consumerism. To consume more clothes, apparel, accessories, shoes, gadgets. I will be their customer. The economic machine runs on the sale produced by its cash register. And when nobody buys anymore, the Store closes, simple as that.

I’ve been watching documentaries lately on Vice regarding magic mushrooms, LSD, psylocibin for the so called “altered state of consciousness”. I don’t think we honestly need that. Just dealing with your own problems and not resorting to woo woo is more than enough. It’s as if, by joining this New Age Kabbalah, that you will be taken into a parallel universe. Such will never be the case. It’s the same cold, cruel, apathetic world you’ll going to live in. So you just have to deal with it. “Carry your cross and follow me”, Jesus said. I’ve been weeks into antidepressants and they are not what I initially thought them to be. Serotonin does not equate to happiness. It will just make you numb and apathetic but not happy. So technically, it’s a zombie drug designed to freeze all your emotions be it good or bad!