Automatic Money Earning Network


Presently, the two main options for creating income are working or investing. I recently switched from a disability pension to an aged pension. Being unproductive and basically living off others taxes is not good for my self esteem but I have realised that by making a printer automatic, I can provide and sell something (like stickers or whatever) and become productive and useful again and have the machine do most of the work.

Of course, I am not limited to one machine and the machine doesn’t have to be a printer. It could be a machine that makes paperclips or shoelaces. The idea is only limited by my imagination but the point is, it can work 24/7 and because I don’t need to pay a machine operator, my only running expenses will be basic stock, ink and electricity keeping my prices low.

If I can do this then virtually anyone can. Using a personally owned automatic machine to create income, I can consider getting solar power and help reduce global warming. This idea will also give everyone regardless of gender or race equal pay opportunities. Imagine the advances in science and medicine if this idea was used to fund research.

I believe that this idea, once realised, will change the world. It has the potential to end poverty and vulnerability for millions now and into the future.

Scratching along on a pension and being an electrical novice, it is taking me time to automate a printer which changes its ink and loads its own stock as necessary so I would naturally appreciate help but even without it, I am determined to produce a working model one day soon.

This is the future. It should be the present.


@Shrewbag, thanks for sharing this.

I appreciate you sharing this, as you’ve done a few times on Ideapod over the last few years. Also it was great to participate in a salon with @katdunn when you joined us by video conference when she was in Sydney.

With your idea for an “automatic money earning network”, I’m wondering what specifically you think the machine should be printing in order to make money?

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Hi Justin. The main point of my idea is that I could print anything that people will buy. Because I won’t be paying for a machine operator, whatever I produce will be competitively priced.
I’m going to print stickers with my first machine. I will have one printer set up to print the customers address onto an envelope then another printer will drop the stickers into the envelope. The payment will transfer through paypal to my bank account and all I’ll have to do is deliver the envelopes to my local post office and replenish the printers once a day.
If someone wants say two sheets of stickers, they most likely have to buy a box of stickers, will probably waste at least one sheet getting the text to line up or pay a printing company to make them and most companies have a minimum order requirement.
Once set up, my machines will be there for life and the more buttons I spread on the internet, the busier they will get. Each time I spread more buttons I effectively give myself a pay rise.
To buy a deli would most likely cost more than $100,000 and would require at least an eight hour day six days a week. What I am proposing is an investment of just a thousand or two and I can be productive 24/7.
I hope this explains my idea better. Naturally I am happy to explain more if necessary. I’m not looking for fame or glory but I am impatient to get this off the ground. I had a cardiogram last monday and my doctor has made it clear my time is limited.
Please feel free to edit my thoughts as you feel necessary. I trust your judgement.
Best regards Justin as always.


I think it’s wonderful that you have an idea and are so passionate about making it a reality.

For this idea, I think it’s best you proceed selling the stickers. I think you’ll discover that it’s very difficult to create and sell stickers that people want to buy.

Essentially, every website is an “automatic money earning network” in the way you describe it. However, I know from experience that selling a product online is very difficult. You need to create something that people want to buy. Why do you think people will want to buy those stickers?

It will be the same for anyone else wanting to build their own “automatic money earning network”. They also need to figure out what product they are building and why people would want to buy that product.

Unless you can conclusively demonstrate that there is demand for whatever product you want this “automatic money earning network” to sell, I think it will be difficult to find someone willing to invest in this idea.


That’s alright Justin. I’m not asking for anyone to invest in my business. What I’m hoping is that they will see the sense in what I’m saying and invest in themselves. Obviously some products sell better than others and it’s up to the individuals imagination to decide what might be popular. What I do know is that printing companies do sell products and I will be able to compete with them. I won’t necessarily have to come up with a unique product if I can undercut their prices and like I say on my website, selling is a numbers game. The more people you expose to a product, the more chance you will find people who want that product. Even pet rocks were bought by the million once.


I believe the only way that people will embrace this idea is by answering the question themselves with regards to what products they will sell. I don’t think it’s as easy as “undercutting your competitors”.


And that’s the beauty of using a printer. If you’re not getting much response, you can try printing something else. Most people have A4 sized printers and it’s not worth buying an A3 sized printer if you only want a few posters for your bedroom. There’s a situation where if someone is forced to order from someone else, price would definitely be a factor in most peoples eyes. I do understand though if you doubt the validity of my proposal. It is a revolutionary concept for everyone to own a money making machine. When I call it that, most think it’s too good to be true or must be about counterfeit.


I will be very interested to hear other peoples opinions and ideas on this topic. I think it will start a good discussion and I note how people generally love a challenge. To be the one who made this idea work for them and to share how they did it would be potentially life changing not just for that individual.


What specifically do you have for sale and how does one get information to make and effect a decision to purchase?


I’m just sharing the idea at present but the idea is to design an order page with a description of the product and prices plus PayPal facilities. Once this is set up I plan to spread advertising buttons on busy, relevant websites hyperlinked to the order page.
I still need to do some research into any legal disclaimers that might be necessary and register my business with the tax office but I’m new to this so I’m expecting it to take some time still.
I’m freely sharing the idea so I’m hoping that anyone who might have some skills in setting up a new business might offer a little advice.


What advice would you like?


I am learning basic electronics and how to control stepper motors using arduino microcontrollers to reload printer stock and replace ink cartridges as necessary so I think I can handle that side of things but if you look at my website, you will see that my html design skills are sorely missing.
Also, as I’ve never run a successful business before, I worry that I might make silly mistakes that could get me sued but I don’t even know where to go to get professional advice. As a pensioner I can’t afford to waste money but because of lack of confidence I’m just procrastinating.
What I really need is a mentor but I have no idea how to find one.
By sharing my idea, I’m hoping others will take the initiative and set themselves up so we can share tips and pitfalls we run into. There are bound to be things that I’m not aware that I don’t know (if that makes sense).


If you want a referral to a website designer, I can provide one.

As for legal liability, please identify where you feel exposed.

In general, I do not think the risks are as hazardous as you might believe them to be. The trick is to have a comprehensive business plan.


Well thank you kindly ACD. I’ve heard of business plans but thought they were something to present when seeking investors. It just goes to show how little I know.
It’s Sunday morning here in Perth and I’ve just woken up. I’ve woken with a smile because of your offer of advice. Thank you.
This idea though, is really aimed at you and everyone else. My real hope is that you will realise it in your life. I have come up with an extraordinary idea but I’m no genius. If you already have the skills to make or otherwise acquire a simple automatic machine, you will probably be able to come up with a better way to market it. I’m only offering an example.
What your machine makes, eg if you use a printer, can be stickers, flyers, posters or even sparkly beer mats with grandparents faces on. It’s only limited by your imagination.
The fact that you can produce things cheaper and have them in the mail the next day, should encourage you to do this for yourself. If you’re willing to help others, as you’ve already demonstrated, your rewards will be endless.
I look forward to more correspondence but now it’s time for coffee.


Business plans are for anyone wanting to test the validity of an entrepreneurial undertaking before launching into it. I strongly recommend doing this though it is no guarantee of success. In your plan, please carefully consider the cost of mailing products.


I’ll do that. I know I need to do a lot more research. As to postage, I’ve decided to use laser printers to negate ink run in the case of humidity and find out about the costs for postage. It shouldn’t cost me any more than any other business unless they get discount for bulk but although I plan to use good quality materials and envelopes, the fact that I’m not leasing a factory, paying a machine operator (including overtime rates and insurance etc) or paying for someone to calculate wages etc, I feel sure my prices will still be very competitive.
The only costs I foresee for manufacture are blank stock, ink, electricity and machine maintenance plus a little for wastage due to paper jams. I will probably just service the main continents to begin with to keep postage simple and reliable.


Please share your business plan when you have finished it.


I’d be happy to do that once I learn how. I understand you are talking about a plan with a formal format which you are used to.
I am doing my best to explain and freely share my plan for a potentially life changing and world changing new form of income that produces things cheaper and for very little investment and work. I know that not everyone will immediately see the opportunity in what I am sharing but my hope is that the ones that do will assist me for the benefit of all.
As you appear to have the knowledge and skills in this area, it would probably be more beneficial for everyone if you did this. If we pool our skills, my vision will surely be realised much quicker. It’s not like I’m trying to sell you a business, I’m simply trying to generate some cooperation from people with different skill sets. In saying that, I don’t wish to appear rude. My intention is not to cause any offence and I do appreciate the advice you have already shared with me.


OK. Please prepare a list of the products you will offer and the prices at which you will offer them.


Sorry but I haven’t got that far yet.