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It is just as well because you really ought to start with a study of the market and, based upon this, decide what to offer and at what prices.


Yes that’s my intention. I have an old laser printer suitable for printing the addresses on envelopes and I should have enough money to buy a colour laser for printing stickers in about 3 weeks.
My son is the drummer in a melodic punk band (listened to by the best part of 2 million people last week) and they are interested in promotional stickers along with other local bands who have shown interest. That will be a start.
Justin warned that selling isn’t easy but with his interest in footy, I’m sure he could come up with a product like beer mats or calendars with footy players faces on that would sell. He would have to get permission of course but sports clubs usually like extra promotion.
Being able to undercut prices isn’t the only benefit to my idea. Not having to employ a machine operator takes away all the risks and work associated with employing a worker. I believe I can get started for less than $1,000 AU so I haven’t got much to lose and the fact that one printer can work 24/7 given enough advertising, the potential is extraordinary.


Please try to quantify this.


Well the way I see it, at present, businesses typically pay a machine operator to operate a machine and they still make a profit for the business owner. By personally owning an automatic machine, the profit could be the same for the owner but the operators wages, overtime, shift allowance etc can come off the price of the product being produced. That would allow for a serious discount on prices.
Another way to look at it is that if you charge the same as everyone else, the owner can pocket his/her profits plus the money that would have gone to an operator. Because a printer or any automatic machine can work 24/7, that’s equivalent to about 4x40 hours per week. And that’s just one machine.
I understand that it would take a lot of advertising to get a machine that busy but I once worked in a factory that made beer and coke cans that never shut down so I know it’s possible.
Once someone has a machine set up, they have the rest of their lives to spread more and more advertising. If they use my suggested advertising method, buttons linked to an order page, the orders won’t stop if they stop spreading buttons but the machines will get busier if the do post more.
There are reportedly around 4 billion people who use the Internet. That’s quite a market.


The idea you are developing might be described as a web interface for customers to design and order prints. This already exists. I have used such a service to order 500 postcard size flyers on cardstock which were posted to me the next day. I designed the flyer with text and graphics and never had to speak or meet with anyone. It was inexpensive and entirely satisfactory.


Well yes that sounds exactly like the kind of thing I’m talking about. I’m glad you seem to have understood my idea. It does make me wonder though if the person you ordered from was using an automatic printer or if they were operating their printer manually. Also, my idea isn’t limited to printing. There are many opportunities to make an automatic machine. They could make paper clips, shoelaces etc etc. I see it as using your imagination and intelligence to make money instead of lengthy time and energy. If someone is disabled or aged like me, instead of being a burden on society, they can be productive and self sufficient. It also means that instead of spending all day operating just a few machines, it’s possible to have many machines working all day and night.
I get the feeling that I’m having to repeat myself with very little acknowledgement. I don’t wish to waste your time or waste mine. If you are having trouble fully understanding my automatic money earning machine idea, maybe we should leave it here. If you ever come up with a better idea I’d be happy to hear it.


Printing includes 3D printing I take it. You referred to a laserjet. I believe the service I used was semi-automated.


Actually no, the laserjet is a model made by Hewlett Packard that uses toner instead of ink and I can’t imagine how stickers could be printed on by a 3D printer. I’m not saying it’s not possible but I think it would be complicated to automate a 3D printer.
You are correct to say that similar services are already in use. On my website, I mention how there are already factories full of robots building cars. I’m not claiming to have invented anything new, I’m merely suggesting people do the same thing on a minute scale. It’s really about perspective or lateral thinking. From a customers view, it looks exactly the same but from the manufacturers viewpoint, it’s the difference between spending 40 hours a week operating a machine personally or paying an employee to do it or seeing the sense in my idea and making the machine as automatic as possible. People who watch shows like Star Wars and Star Trek would agree it’s where the future is heading. My point is, we already have the technology readily available and it’s cheap.
It’s the future. It should be the present. Think of it as my present to you. Lol


Hi @justinbrown. I’ve been thinking more about your last reply and I’d like to point out a key element to my idea. Owning an automatic printer means that if you try one product and it doesn’t sell well, it’s quick and easy to print something else. If you maintain the printer you’ll own it for life and eventually you will surely hit on a popular widget. It does rely on peoples imagination to find something popular but attaining an automatic machine is relatively cheap and everything it earns is on top of whatever you are already living on. With the potential to work 24/7 I can’t believe it wouldn’t be an attractive investment for anyone once they understand this. The trouble I am having is getting people to believe in themselves enough to try. This isn’t some kind of scam but it does require people to believe in their own abilities.


Probably the best thing to do right now is further explain what you mean by an “automatic printer”.

In my understanding, automatic printers already exist in many different forms. There are printers for stickers, paper, stationery… whatever it is you want to print. @ACD raised the point that there are also 3D printers but you said this is for printing 2D products like stickers, etc.


What I mean by automatic, is a machine that you don’t have to stand next to all day waiting for it to run out of stock or ink. It’s a relatively simple set up that does that for itself. This could be achieved using some simple robotics with cameras taking pictures and comparing what it sees with what it expects to see if everything is working correctly.
Another way to achieve this is to have a row of machines like printers, where when one runs out or jams, the next one takes over. Officeworks were selling printers for $35 each a few weeks ago which might have been adequate.
My point is that for a relatively minuscule investment, and especially if you live near a postbox, all you have to do after setting it up is replenish the printers once a day and post the products your machines are producing. Every time you spread more advertising, it’s like giving yourself a pay rise. You could be printing humorous wristbands or beer mats with ideaPod advertising on. This idea relies on people using their imagination for their own benefit.


I read about a child in India who built a windmill and supplied power to his village. He learned how to do it from library books. I believe the reason he was able to do it was because as a child, he couldn’t see any reason why it wasn’t possible. I like to think of him as a teacher.


When I first shared this idea on ideapod, @katdunn was the first to catch on and appreciate some of the benefits of the idea, particularly that it was a potential solution to the problem of gender pay discrepancies.
This of course also applies to racial and physical / age disadvantages.
The fact that it could finance scientific / medical research and solar power installations, electric vehicles etc. assisting to fix the problems of global warming and end poverty now and into the future, should at least get peoples attention.
If anyone reading this has any reason to believe it’s not possible or sees flaws in the idea, it would clearly be in everyones interest to discuss it and offer possible solutions.
I’m not saying this is a perfect plan or that it will fix everything but it is an idea that I have not heard from anyone before. If any bugs can be ironed out, it will increase productivity worldwide and give many people more time to develop their natural skills and enjoy life more.
Please ask more questions if I’m not making it clear.


This sort of response does not invite engagement.


I agree and I apologise if it appears as if I’m trying to win an argument. My idea for selling items on the Internet is no different to similar sellers in the view of the buyer except the items I sell will be cheaper. I agree it’s not always easy to sell things but low prices are a proven advantage.
Using a personally owned automatic machine to manufacture these items takes significantly less personal time which I believe most would recognise as another advantage.
The relatively tiny cost to make or otherwise acquire an automatic machine presents a low risk business venture.
There is no time limit in finding a popular product to sell. Anyone who tries this idea has the rest of their lives to make it work. If you believe that you are employable and could make a profit for an employer, I’m suggesting you employ your skills for your own profit.
I believe this idea has the potential to end poverty now and forever. A business of this type could be owned by most of the people across the globe even if they are otherwise unemployable. I see it as a way to make extra income and a way to help those with little income.


The idea, as far as it goes, has merit but the devil is in the details.


Thank you. I think it’s definitely worthy of more thought and discussion. In a few weeks I should have enough money to buy a second printer and once I’ve created an automatic setup, I plan to take some video and itemise the costs for my setup. I’m expecting it to be under $1,000 AU.
At that stage it will be more than just an idea, it will be a working example. I was hoping to entice some cooperation in the sharing of ideas surrounding my basic idea but I’m confident I can do it alone if necessary.
Designing an order page and appropriate advertising buttons and then learning the best way to get websites to post the buttons will be an education I will have to acquire by trial and error but again, this will be my own personal business and it’s in my interest to do my best.
I don’t pretend to have all the answers but then I’m not selling the idea, I’m freely sharing it for everyones good. It’s often said that the best ideas are the simplest ones and I won’t be offended if people say this idea came from a simpleton :).


Regarding legal liability, if for instance I allow customers to submit their own graphics to be printed, suppose they provided something x rated or slanderous. I wouldn’t want to be held accountable for counterfeit or otherwise illegal products so I believe a properly worded disclaimer would be important.


Having read through the various questions and observations regarding this idea, it struck me that maybe people should ask themselves some questions. Are any of the questions or views you might have about an automatic money earning network valid reasons to not give it a try?
Considering the possible benefits to your future life and the opportunities to solve world scale problems if shared with everyone, can you think of another idea with this potential?
If you have ideas to improve the possibility of making this idea better like a product other than stickers or a different machine than a printer or even a better method of marketing, then why not make a name for yourself and freely share it for the good of all?
All I’ve come up with is a basic idea. I’m counting on innovative individuals to help perfect and successfully share it. I know you’re out there.


There are some very clever scientists tonight on QandA talking about climate change and known ways to help prevent humans detrimental influence. This is important with regards to making people aware but in my opinion, awareness is just the first step. What is needed is a way to finance change.
Low powered devices and alternate power sources like solar are not used by everyone because many can’t afford them. Until they can, change is always going to be slow.
This scenario reminds me of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy where peoples answer to problems was to have a debate about the problem but never physically try possible solutions. Hilarious but not so funny in real life.
I wish people would talk more about ways to give people more time and money to fix this huge problem and not go around and around bleating doom and gloom. It’s the definition of worry IMHO. Not productive. I know they’re trying but if they keep asking the same questions, as clever as they are, I think they’re missing the point.
What do you think?