Automatic Money Earning Network

(Sachin Bhat) #41

Regarding the scaling up of the automatic printing machine, you could have a robot take up the order and operate the printing machine. It can work 24x7, refill ink, collect postages etc. I know programming robots is a difficult task and current robot prices are expensive, but I somehow feel a robot is another money making machine. If you can built a robot, and then use it to do any work you like, you get a true system that works 24*7.

(Helen Emmett) #42

This is a really interesting idea @Shrewbag. It’s the search for the holy grail of passive income, something I’m very interested in. I love your idea of automation as a way to get costs down, and your passion for this project. A lot has been discussed here, so in playing the role of devil’s advocate (which I think can be helpful to explore all the possible negatives to prepare for them), here are my thoughts:

Solar power: I live in a solar powered house, it is brilliant! But you would probably drain the batteries if you were using a machine 24/7. Once the sun goes down you have to be very careful with any power you use, especially in winter. The solar pannels also require a lot of maintenance and a large cost to install them. I’m still not convinced it is cheaper, just different.

The printer: I’d be wary of assuming any machine could work 24/7, there are always risks of overheating or wearing out the parts. My experience is any machine requires maintenance which is an extra cost to think about. If you had a big order and your machine broke down, what would you do? To print with ink that is good quality and will last is very expensive. You will need to research inks that are lightfast and will not fade. You would need to calibrate the printer to make sure you didn’t get lines or any dust in the rollers. What would you do if it was printing all night and all of the stickers ended up with lines or marks on them, or there was a paper jam? Wastage is something to think about.

Automation: With total automation you have described, you have no quality control. If stickers are printed and put in the envelope, sealed automatically - there is no checking to see if they have printed correctly. Consider the cost if you had incorrect printing and the orders are returned.

Price: You will be competiting with websites like Zazzle. Have a look at their website, you can see what prices they charge and what options customers have for customisation: Vistaprint is another good website to look at for price analysis:

Customers/Selling online: As @justinbrown has said, it is tough selling online. If you are after a way to make money that does not involve any money up-front, you could investigate drop-shipping, or setting up a zazzle account and selling your designs on there, as a way to test the market before investing in a printer. Your website could link directly to your Zazzle products, and if you get good engagement from customers you could then start printing them yourself.

I hope these ideas are of some value, I look forward to hearing about your progress.

(Barry McCormack) #43

You’re absolutely correct @TheSachinSBhat, a robot would be the ideal universal money earning machine but as you say, that is out of most peoples price range so it’s a nice dream but not a solution for todays poverty and global warming problems.
To give you an analogy, imagine if you had a heavy burden to carry. You could save up for years and buy a car to solve your problem but what I’m suggesting is that you simply put some wheels on the load. You could do that today.
To make a printer automatic, one of the tasks is to make it change ink or toner cartridges as necessary. This could be achieved by pointing a camera at the printers LCD and when it recognises an ‘Out of ink’ message a robotic arm could easily be programmed to replace the cartridge and then press the ‘Continue’ button. Robotic arms can be bought for about $200 with USB interface which could do the job. This changes the idea from a dream for the future to a definite possibility for today.
As your automatic machine earns money, naturally you would make improvements to make it more reliable. It’s in your interest after all.

(Barry McCormack) #44

Thank you @HelenEmmett. This is just the kind of conversation I am looking for.
I’ve been pricing laser printers and they start around $200AU. I agree they can’t run effectively 24/7 so it would be better to use two so they both get a break.
Most printers print around 20 pages per minute so that’s 1,200 per hour. If I were to charge whatever it costs me to print plus 1 cent per page for profit, that adds up to $2,116 per week profit provided I can keep them busy 24/7.
I realise it would take an awful lot of advertising to get that many orders but don’t forget, I’m not limited to only having one automatic machine setup and I’m also not limited to one product. Many things can be printed onto stickers.
I agree solar power is unreliable without battery backup but printers use very little power to run.
With regards to quality control, a high definition camera could email a picture of the first print to you for inspection and then compare each following print to the first and email/shut down/switch to the next printer, if it notices any difference.
The thing I’m trying to get across is that there is a solution to every problem if you believe in yourself. Thank you again.

(Barry McCormack) #45

I just checked out A very impressive site.
One thing they have on offer is 2 sheets of 15 waterproof stickers for a little over $30.
I know it’s not a fair comparison because my stickers wouldn’t be waterproof but having priced paper adhesive stickers from Officeworks, I believe I could offer 10 sheets of stickers, 12 per page (and therefore larger stickers) for less than $10 including postage within Australia.
You might think that this would destroy someones business but there’s no reason why they can’t do the same as me.
Of course there are many more sites of this kind like Wish, Catch and Alibaba who sell inexpensive products so I plan to do a lot more research.

(Chris Lagos) #46

I find this title ironic .

God please let me get money from society , from doing the least amount possible , AMEN .

I feel that money is a physical manifestation of trust .
That I put my skill and effort to build the world and trust that what I get in return is worth the effort. Currency systems can not be fair, but it’s the best we have.

Honestly , I think to capitalize on loopholes between the real reason for currency systems and the actual system is a working , Machiavellian model for weak people. I realize this seems to be an attack to some. It’s just me trying to articulate what I see. I’m trying to understand and writing while getting pushback helps to come to a higher resolution. If someone is offended, that’s the price of dialogue .

(Helen Emmett) #47

I disagree, in fact I believe that money causes mistrust, rather than trust. I feel that money is a physical manifestation of power.

I think what @Shrewbag is talking about with the Automatic Money Earning Network, is a way for people who are unable to work, or unable to find work, to generate an income for themselves. Rather than relying on the old way of thinking, that you have to be employed by someone. He clearly states this in his original post:

I recently switched from a disability pension to an aged pension. Being unproductive and basically living off others taxes is not good for my self esteem but I have realised that by making a printer automatic, I can provide and sell something (like stickers or whatever) and become productive and useful again and have the machine do most of the work.

I think someone who works hard on developing an idea, and building a business to generate an income is a fantastic use of time and adds huge value to society. It’s hard work creating a passive income, I disagree that it’s a “Machiavellian model for weak people”.

(Chris Lagos) #48

You can’t address my statement by twisting it .

  1. I never said money causes trust , I said it is a manifestation or proof of trust .
  2. Money can’t be a manifestation of power , the thing it paid for is power, or why pay ?
  3. What I said had nothing to do with disabled , retired or any other group of folks , it’s not personal.
  4. I agree that it’s good for someone to work hard to create income , it’s implicit in my offering.
  5. Other than that, your reaction is :+1:.

(Helen Emmett) #49

I completely misunderstood, I interpreted “physical manifestation of trust” that money represents trust. As in, if someone has money they should be trusted. That’s why my reaction was “money represents power”. It’s a very interesting topic! I had never thought of money as having anything to do with trust, but you’re right - using money requires a lot of trust.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by this?:

I think to capitalize on loopholes between the real reason for currency systems and the actual system is a working , Machiavellian model for weak people.

(Chris Lagos) #50

Also , I feel these ideas are a gateway drug to ai automation and the overall demise of humanity.

(Chris Lagos) #51

Happy to, thanks for asking Helen .

Ok , before governed currency systems , folks traded a value for reciprocal value . Let’s say I needed your cow , I offered two sheep for it . You would only make the exchange if you felt value reciprocated equally as possible.
Government likely found that challenging to tax . Thus govt approved value coins were adopted .
Keep in mind that the system it replaced was based on trust in reciprocal value .
Now coins and notes of land REPRESENTED value , not that they were value. That’s where manipulation comes in. Numbers can be manipulated and word description can conflate value . Like the hidden object in 3 card Monty . The value is a fluid construct between dealer and let’s call him Mark . This dark art is used by many who want something for nothing. It’s based in nihilism. You can see it displayed in a documentary called The Queen of Versailles. This fellow gets filthy rich convincing convincing thousands to pay large sums of monies for basically a few stays at a hotel. Calling it timeshare . He ultimately fell victim to similar manipulation by others. I could go on and on but I don’t really like long posts.

PS My main issue with the original topic here is the issue of automation and AI. I don’t oppose nihilism or Machiavellian tactics for that matter although I do have disdain for them.

(Barry McCormack) #52

You’re right @Csmith. Whenever I told people about my ‘money making machine’ idea they immediately thought I was talking about counterfeit so I changed it to A.M.E.N. to get peoples attention. I also called my website ‘’ for the same reason and because it appealed to my sense of humour.
This idea is for the weak. At present, the physically strong have an advantage over the weak when it comes to making money. They can be more productive.
I disagree though that this is a loophole designed to scam people which is how I interpret your statement. By using your brains and imagination, everyone can be on a level playing field. This idea enables everyone to be equally productive and provide goods for the world in general.
If you buy something from the Internet, does it really matter to you if the item was produced by an operator controlled machine or an automatic one? Surely what matters more is the price of the item. If it’s cheaper, that’s to your advantage.
I’m not offended by the way. I understand many don’t like change and it’s good to be wary of scams. This conversation needs to happen.

(Chris Lagos) #53

I appreciate the pushback , if I was completely sure of my views , I wouldn’t need to say them . You’re right , dialogue is key . I don’t think yours is a scam by any measure . Even now, I’m seeking meaning as I write.
Ok , I value your let’s say entrepreneurial spirit . I do take issue personally with AI automation as you know.
I see someone like you using it for a good reason , I think you should definitely continue for yourself.
I do feel a need to speak up when you say others should do it however. I do not oppose you , I say what I need to say out of hope for society.
I see folks like the aforementioned timeshare pirates, and others who want steady income based on receiving value for no value costed by the seller. It is not what monetary systems are based on by any measure.
Nowadays you hear terms like passive income tossed around. I see this trend as degrading. I see companies replacing workers with automation and see where it’s leading and feel compelled to speak about it.
I hope you can see where I’m coming from.
I say what I need to say.

(Chris Lagos) #54

It actually really does matter to me if what I pay for benefits a human worker who made it. That is what all monetary systems are based on . It allows us to all be bonded and individual together. It’s a society thing.
The fact that it isn’t self evident anymore is scary.

(Barry McCormack) #55

‘I hope you can see where I’m coming from.
I say what I need to say.’
I do understand and so you should.
Companies around the world are turning to automation and I often hear ‘They’re takin’ our jobs’ like that’s a bad thing.
What I’m sharing is a solution to this worrisome thought loop. It isn’t only companies who can own machinery. An obvious statement I know but one that doesn’t appear to be occurring to people.
Reportedly, 18,000 children needlessly die every day due basically to poverty. Global warming is a huge issue. Gender and racially based pay disparities are often complained about. Scientific and medical based research are often underfunded. Refugees are invading wealthier countries and children are used as slaves in sweatshop factories.
I understand my idea won’t fix everything but if I can have an impact on these tragedies, I’m compelled to try. I hope you too can understand where I’m coming from. I honestly mean no harm.

(Helen Emmett) #56

Thanks for your explanation @Csmith, I can see where you’re coming from now.

Price is only one factor when buying from the internet, or anywhere for that matter. I personally make buying decisions based on this order:

  1. Who made the product, is it ethically made
  2. What the quality is, is it value for money
  3. Price

Being cheaper is an advantage, but it is not the only thing potential customers will value. The thing I like about your specific automated maching idea @Shrewbag, is that you have modified the machine, and it will provide you with an income. It’s not taking another persons job, it is creating a job for you.

One view (I’m not sure I agree with this, but it is interesting to think about) is that automation forces creativity, critical thinking and thinking outside the box. AI on the otherhand, is a whole different scary subject.

(Chris Lagos) #57

I think value is like blood and we are all organs in a way sort of. The heart takes in blood but knows it must release because it is in relationship with the whole body. Mere self interest would kill the body if the organs completed for blood. This was understood by our ancestors and is the Achilles heel of monetary systems. Or should I say monetary systems are an Achilles heel to the Apriori structure I mentioned.

(Chris Lagos) #58

I don’t think us buying machinery to compete with industry is a working model. It could only help machine manufacturers . It reminds me of the star bellied sneetches story by Dr Seuss. The machine guy supplied both sides til they were broke.

:movie_camera: The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss (Read by Mr. C) - YouTube

(Barry McCormack) #59

I was wondering @justinbrown, if you decide to publish this idea, if you could include a ‘Translate’ button with it so it’s available to everyone :wink:

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