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(Barry McCormack) #61

Yes by publish I did mean someone from the ideapod team designing an article based on the salient points here. As you can see, it’s taking me a long time to really explain my idea clearly. I believe I’ve come up with a very powerful idea but I know I’m not the brightest spark in the fire. I’m confident that you could do a much better job.
I think you’d have to agree it’s quite a conversation starter if nothing else.

(Justin Brown) #62

It would be great to create an article based on the discussion here. It would be a nice feature of Ideapod where people join their minds in discussions, and then there’s something the platform itself creates as a result.

It could be an Ideapod team member putting together an article. It could also be someone as part of this discussion deciding to write an article themselves.

Does anyone else have other ideas for what can be created as a result of the discussions here?


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(Barry McCormack) #63

Great story @Csmith and the moral I take away, create the harmony without charge :+1:

(Chris Lagos) #64

I suspect it is a bad thing . It’s easy if you have a futuristic utopian view to underestimate the basic need for one to have a job . It’s not merely about money .
Ones psyche needs to be adequately set in confidence in the environment, like a puzzle piece fits in a puzzle .
That one must be needed by ones environment , interact and defeat the dragon of chaos so to speak .
This is ancient stuff , and we mess with the foundational beams of society in hubris .
In my view that is.

(Barry McCormack) #65

I agree @Csmith it’s not merely about money. If you’re fortunate enough to enjoy your work, having another income doesn’t mean you have to quit.
Of course if you feel like you’re wasting your life working 40 hrs/week just to feed your family and create profit for a boss you don’t like, that’s another thing.
There are many ways to view this idea and yours is as valid as any. Whether you like or approve of the idea though, respectfully, is academic.
What I am sharing is factual. It is knowledge that occurred to me that is potentially life and world changing. If you consider that statement pure hubris then I believe you are mistaking my motive for making it. It’s all about the idea, it’s not about me.
If you go to the ideapod ‘about’ page, you will find that this idea is exactly what @justinbrown created this site for. Your engagement too fits that bill.
Eventually, like electronic transfer, money is likely to disappear because of what is effectively a money making machine. It makes me wonder what will take its place. More sexual favours maybe :joy:

(Chris Lagos) #66

You make academic seem so reductive.

You posit that your view is factual and that mine is less than factual , care to elaborate ?

Human work has made the world you live in. Fact.

I agree that automation will be life and world changing , that’s why I wrote what I did . You need to make easy money for yourself, hey go for it . I won’t help automation manifest for my own interests if I feel it ushers in our destruction.

(Chris Lagos) #67

I think it’s wise to be careful what kind of world that you wish for . Nihilism is contagious .

(Barry McCormack) #68

Regarding prices, here’s an extract from a post I made on Facebook:-

A major printing company is presently advertising on tv that you can buy 500 A6 colour flyers for $50 AUD plus postage.
Reams of A4 paper start around $5. A6 is quarter the size of A4 so 4 lots of 500 A6 can be cut from 1 ream of A4 paper meaning the price of the paper starts at approximately $1.25.
Adding the cost of ink which I estimate wouldn’t cost more than a dollar or two and the cost of electricity which would most likely be counted in cents, using an automatic printer, I believe 500 A6 colour flyers could be produced by you for less than $5. This is just one example of how you could compete with any professional company who pays an employee to operate a machine.

As an added thought, imagine if you charged the same as the printing company. Try working out how much per hour your automatic printer could be earning for you… (approx $100) :wink:

(Barry McCormack) #69

Like hubris and reductive, I had to look up the exact meaning of nihilism.

Nihilism | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Nihilism is the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. It is often associated with extreme pessimism and a radical skepticism that condemns existence. A true nihilist would believe in nothing, have no loyalties, and no purpose other than, perhaps, an impulse to destroy.

I don’t understand how you thought I interpreted your views as unfactual. My idea is built on statements that can be easily checked. I made the statement that your views are valid.
My purpose is to save the lives of thousands of children who needlessly die everyday because of poverty. This is just one of the benefits.
I admire your vocabulary skills but I don’t have to agree with your opinion any more than you have to agree with mine.
I value a good debate but please read my statements on face value. As I’ve said before, my purpose isn’t to cause offence or start an argument.

(Chris Lagos) #70

I get it , you said before that you look back at what you write and cringe . I really don’t know how to respond if you don’t mean fully what you actually write. Perhaps no response is best. It’s not you, but the subject matter that I really address, and I just don’t like dismissive statements to important subject matter.

Also I must question the assumption that you can get millions of poor people , printers. If you somehow could , the resulting production would deflate the value of what you purport to have value.

What I consider hubris , is not the fact of it being life and world changing, I submit that it’s hubris to assume that you know it will be a good thing and not a total catastrophe. See Humes Law

To those who aren’t motivated to work.

:movie_camera: Jordan Peterson - Life is suffering, so get your act … - YouTube

I think ideas should be debated , even heated debate under self control can forge you and the idea into a better tool. Get mad , then breathe open both eyes and focus. You can evolve with your vision . The idea is important , developing temperament is vital in real time.
There’s no other time to do it.

The art of disagreeing (community guidelines)
(Barry McCormack) #71

It’s not that I don’t mean fully what I say, it’s just that being human, I sometimes make mistakes. Saying that I hate racism is true but saying that I dislike racism is also true and is less likely to upset some.
I’m not planning to supply anyone with a printer. All I’m doing is freely sharing an idea.

‘What I’m hoping is that they will see the sense in what I’m saying and invest in themselves.’

In the past many people had servents and slaves to do their washing. These days even though we could do washing by hand, most use washing machines. We still have the choice.
My idea gives people another choice for earning money. It doesn’t have to be a printer, it can be any machine that can be automated.
I’m just encouraging people to use their imagination to improve their lives. It will give them more time to exercise and study and pick up litter or whatever. I don’t see this as a bad thing. I see it as a way to stop the world screaming along in first gear and slide into second metaphorically speaking. Tesla style :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Before you say it, I know I’m not Tesla. I have the highest admiration for his style.

(Chris Lagos) #72

All right then, lastly, telling people that they can print with a printer, doesn’t really qualify as an idea . Sorry.
At least not a Tesla one.

(Barry McCormack) #73

Lol true but giving the idea away for the benefit of all now and in the future is. If all you’ve got from my message is that there are printers then I think you might have missed something.
Just knowing that one of my heroes, the visionary genius Sir Richard Branson might have read my idea today makes my life complete. Being featured in the ideapod weekly newsletter is a dream come true. That’s validation enough for me :+1:

(Chris Lagos) #74

Ugh , Branson. I’d love to discuss the utility and futility of self imposed royalty in the world . I know that in nature hierarchy will manifest. But ugh …

(Barry McCormack) #75

A major printing company is presently advertising on tv that you can buy 500 A6 colour flyers for $50 AUD plus postage.
Reams of A4 paper start around $5. A6 is quarter the size of A4 so 4 lots of 500 A6 can be cut from 1 ream of A4 paper meaning the price of the paper starts at approximately $1.25.
Adding the cost of ink which I estimate wouldn’t cost more than a dollar or two and the cost of electricity which would most likely be counted in cents, using an automatic printer, I believe 500 A6 colour flyers could be produced by you for less than $5. This is just one example of how you could compete with any professional company who pays an employee to operate a machine.

Having posted this, I’m surprised it hasn’t caught anyones attention enough to have even got any comments. I know @justinbrown that you don’t think low price is enough to sell but surely a nearly 90% discount would help to sell.
If someone would just do a fact check, $5/ream, 3.5cents/page using colour laser, 20PPM, this could draw many to ideapod if it catches their attention. Printing companies wouldn’t pay for tv ads if no one wanted them.

(Bill Ames) #76

Do you have an example of this idea as it would be used by someone? I have spent years developing printers and more years printing stuff so I have a very good idea of how to use printed media. For your idea to be used by someone they need the details. They need to know the process involved. If you say you need a printer they also need to know how to power it, where to get consumables, how long is the printer going to last. I would enjoy talking with you about your idea.

(Barry McCormack) #77

I can’t think of anyone who I’d rather talk to about my idea @BillAmes. I have the highest respect for you, not just for your skill set and experience but mainly for your imaginative, logical and far seeing way of thinking. The pleasure will be all mine.
I’ve chosen to use printers to create a product because the product list is virtually limitless but my A.M.E.N. Idea could apply to any machine simple enough to be made automatic.
I plan to use two laser printers. One to print the customers address onto an envelope which will then be positioned (via a simple conveyor) so that the second printers output can drop into the envelope. Once this is done, the conveyor will move the envelope to a storage area waiting to be taken to a postbox (daily).
I don’t plan to change the printers physically but I want to add some simple mechanics to reload them when they run out and also add a robotic arm to change the toner cartridges as necessary. I believe a $200 toy arm would be adequate if I can find one with a USB interface and the strength to lift a cartridge. Some modifications might be necessary. A camera pointed at the printers LED screen could control it all and another camera could be used for quality control. I know it won’t be completely automatic but as ideas come to me, I can make improvements.
If a printer jams, the camera control can shut everything down, send me an email, continue with another printer or once I can afford it, give me remote control of another robotic arm that I can use to manually clear the blockage using my phone or tablet.
Once a setup like this is proven and working, imagine being able to sell what could be described as a money making machine that doesn’t involve counterfeit. I feel sure you could do this. I’ve come up with the basic idea but it really needs someone like you to develop it efficiently.
I’d just like to add, I understand your interest in AI but I have more faith in your intelligence at this time :+1:

(Bill Ames) #78

Let us focus on the printers. Laser printers have two consumables, toner and the part that does the printing. Also they require AC power. You also need the media on which you will print. What you print has to be designed on a computer. A printer also has a duty cycle. It can not print continuously. Now, selling what you print in B&W is an important step. Can you describe what that might be? What is the product and how expensive is it for the customer to purchase?

Tell me more about the cash flow for this business. Not the steps in the business process, the flow of money. How much do you have to start with, how long will it last and what will replenish it. Simple questions, please address them in your reply. I understand your idea, I do not understand the money flow part.

(ACD) #79

None of us have been able to get an answer to this question.

(Bill Ames) #80

I do see that and it is a necessary requirement. Any person with a business idea that avoids it will have a long path and what is at the end of the path cannot be predicted, certainly not when there is no real data to use. Now the idea of selling something on paper is not new. There have been people who tried to do this just in exchange for a meal. It took awhile for their product to be appreciated. Vincent van Gogh

Allow time for our fine inventor to talk about the details.