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(Barry McCormack) #81

CPersonally, I’m going to buy a box of 100 A4 sheets of adhesive paper labels and I might get customers to send their own artwork/picture or I might just design some standard No Longer Lives At This Address or Return To Sender type stickers. I could just use plain A4 paper and print letterheads or A5 flyers. I think I’ll start with stickers. My son Steven is the drummer in a melodic punk band and they want promotional stickers made along with other local bands I’ve spoken to.
Another option I thought of was to use my computer to burn CD’s for them and automate that.
As I mentioned before, the profit margin for my idea can be huge so I don’t think I’ll need to buy more than two sets of toner to begin with. Some of the profit from these will purchase more and eventually when the printer dies will provide for replacement.
Instead of using robotics to replace toner, I could just have a few printers so that when one runs out the next one takes over but unfortunately I can’t afford that right now.
I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on what you think would be the best way to automate a printer so that it can run for 24 hours on its own. I’m just convinced it’s a good idea but I’m only offering suggestions as a novice about how to do it.
I could put the printing on a timer to give the printer time to rest but eventually I’d like to buy another so they can take turns.
I can get toner and stickers delivered from Officeworks. A reputable company selling good quality products.

(Bill Ames) #82

You need to talk about cash flow. If you cannot do that you do not have a viable business model. Show us the money.

(Barry McCormack) #83

I estimate the cost to get setup to be between $1,000 and $2,000.
A box of 100 sheets of stickers costs $70.
A ream of 500 A4 paper cost about $5.
Laser printers cost about 2.5 cents per page to print black and around 3.5 cents for color and generally print 20 pages per minute.
These prices are in Australian dollars.
If you scroll up to a recent post I explain how an automatic printer can print 500 A6 color flyers for around $5. A large Australian printing company advertises 500 A6 color flyers on tv for $50.
On my order page I plan to have PayPal facilities so the money goes straight into my bank account.
I hope this answers your question. I’ve never been a business man so I’m not fluent with the colloquial hyperbole in the vernacular in question :grinning:

(Barry McCormack) #84

I plan to charge one cent above costs per page for profit. That works out at $12 per hour and $2,116 per week if I can get it working 24/7.
This means I would charge $10 for a batch of 500 A6 color flyers. Effectively around 80% discount compared to the above example. I reckon that’s a bargain.
Don’t forget, that’s on top of my present income (until I’m earning too much to draw the pension).
It also means I won’t be a burden to anyone which is priceless.

(Bill Ames) #85

You need to tell me the specific printer, how many pages it will print before it needs new toner and needs a new drum. How much each of these cost. Focus on specifics. Estimates do not count, only reality counts.

(Barry McCormack) #86

I can’t be that specific yet because I’m still shopping for a printer. Maybe you could recommend one.
I’ve been looking at HP and Cannon printers ranging from about $200 black to $800 color.
The ones I’ve looked at are where I got the cost per page details etc but considering the potential profits they can earn I’m not concerned that things like maintenance or replacement will take up all the profits. I’ll be happy to tell you more when I know more.
‘As an added thought, imagine if you charged the same as the printing company. Try working out how much per hour your automatic printer could be earning for you… (approx $100) :wink:

(Bill Ames) #87

If y6ou are promoting an idea you must be able to have the information necessary to back up your idea. Suppose someone just used what you say, started a business and within a few months all the things you did not tell them cost them all the money they spent and the business failed. You can not promote something that is not true. If you can not back up what you claim you are potentially hurting those that believe you without question. Your idea may be very good but you have not shown how it will work. Do you have a test case, where people you know have tried to do what you offer? If not, why not? You must not appear to be what the image below says:

(Barry McCormack) #88

Yes if I was promoting or selling something that would be true but all I’m doing is sharing an idea that I’ve never heard of before. I may be naive but I was kind of expecting some cooperation in developing it but mainly all I’ve got from some people is criticism. I don’t mind this because it makes me think about drawbacks that I hadn’t considered but I don’t want to waste anyone’s time who doesn’t see any value in discussing the potential benefits of a new idea as well as any possible problems with it. Most problems can be solved once they’re identified but that’s less likely from people with closed minds.
I don’t put you in that category and I know you mean well with your example but if you think it’s going to stop me from going forward with my idea, it’s because you don’t know me well enough.
On my website I mention how North Koreas leader owns factories full of robots that builds cars. He is reportedly a multi billionaire. My idea is to do the same thing on a minute scale.
I used to work and get paid as a machine operator. I know for a fact that it would be cheaper to run the machine without paying for an operator. Nothing will convince me otherwise :+1:

(Bill Ames) #89

Your idea is just that, an idea. If you ask people what they think of the idea and they, from life experience, tell you it is not viable based on real world financial considerations, they are not telling you it is a bad idea, they are just providing you with more data. If you ignore this data and still attempt to spread your idea (that you now know is not financially sound) you are doing any who would try your idea a great disservice. You sound well meaning, why would you do such a thing? Have you considered modifying your idea so you could actually do it yourself? Have your friends and family be a team with you to do what you describe and tell us of its success.

(Barry McCormack) #90

Yes I could and I think I’ve made it clear that it’s just an idea. That’s why I put it on ideapod. Maybe I should put a disclaimer here somewhere.
I’m not forcing anyone to follow me and invest in anything, I’m just sharing an idea. It’s really up to everyone else if they see value in it or not.
I thought that was the idea of ideapod. To share ideas. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong in participating.

(Bill Ames) #91

Sharing ideas is why ideapod exists. However some ideas probably should not be shared. Some people do not think vaccinations are good and have the idea they or their children should not participate. There are people who do not think seat belts are a good idea or that smoking is a good idea. Ideapod is a place where people look for good ideas. No one is saying your idea is a bad idea, it is just an incomplete idea. Here is a good idea for everyone. Learn a trade in your community and you will always have work and an income. No money needs to be invested. Become an apprentice. If your idea gets people asking for more information and you dismiss them with “I do not have more information, you must invest in the components I suggest and learn all the associated problems on your own” would not be helpful. Is that what you are doing? Asking people to believe what you say?

(Barry McCormack) #92

Surely, whether people believe me or not is up to them. Telling me that my idea isn’t viable is an opinion. I don’t consider that date like the figures I’ve shared. If someone did a fact check and found you couldn’t buy 100 sheets of stickers for $70 for instance or that printers can’t print at 20PPM then I’d have to accept that but until that happens, I’m more interested in talking about the details of the idea itself.
I understand that I haven’t got all the answers but I’m not giving any guarantees either. I’m just sharing an idea that I find interesting. If I had a working model it wouldn’t just be an idea anymore.

(Bill Ames) #93

You are wrong, a working model is just the first part of an idea. Do you think the inventor of the device below thought he would be holding a billion of them in his Cell phone in 2019?

In 1947 when I was four this was invented. It was just an idea and did not stop being an idea for a long time. It is just the first transistor.

It is not an opinion about the cost of the printer and its consumables. Do a check yourself, you will see it is much more costly than you assume. And part of your idea needs to discuss the market for your product. Is it filling a need that is not currently addressed? If you have competitors that sets the most you can charge. With those limits can you cover all expenses? The devil is in the details.

(Barry McCormack) #94

When I looked at printers they provide an approximate cost per page. I imagine that’s the cost of toner. 2.5c for black and 3.5c for color. Even if you double that suggestion, the 500 A6 color flyers I spoke of would still only cost about $10 to produce. If I was to charge $20 for them, that would still be less than half of what was being charged by the printing company. A printer working at 20PPM would take 25 minutes to print them. That means that the owner of the printer would make >$20 per hour. I don’t know how long a printer would last before it needs replacing but I can’t believe this wouldn’t be a potentially profitable business.
We already have the technology to make a printer automatic and it’s getting cheaper all the time.
Children are designing quite sophisticated robots that can play soccer. I’m finding it hard to believe you can’t see the benefits or the possibility of this kind of business. Am I missing something?

(Bill Ames) #95

The only people that need to believe you are those who are going to give it a go. They would need to do a business plan, that is something you did not do. When they complete the plan I believe they will see it is not a profitable business, “all things considered” You do not consider all things so you can see a profit. You talk about what print shops charge, anyone who need things printed probably has a printer. They are very common. Your idea is not bad, just not well thought out.

(Barry McCormack) #96

I can’t agree. The printing company that advertises on tv pays a lot of money for that service. I find it hard to believe they would do that if it wasn’t profitable.
Anyway, it’s after midnight here but it was nice chatting with you. At least it gave others who read our conversation food for thought.

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(Barry McCormack) #97

I did some more research and found that the HP Laserjet colour printer M281FDW presently costs $449 and has a max monthly duty cycle of 40,000.
Using the above example of charging less than half of the printing companies price and therefore making $20/hour, 80 sets of flyers could be printed per month resulting in $1,600 profit. More than enough to replace the drum or even the whole printer if it should only last that long (which I suspect is pessimistic).
To save this post from looking boorish can we at least agree that with cooperation we would be more likely to come up with an idea for a productive automatic machine?
Oh and if the flyers were printed first and then cut into A6 size, the profit would be $1,600 per week.

(Bill Ames) #98

Whoever is doing the printing is getting a wage so that comes out of the profits. You need to set aside the money used to replace the materials and printer and that comes out of the profits. You must pay for the place and electricity where the printer lives. You must cover advertising. Both of these come out of the profits. You must pay taxes. Are there any profits left?

(Barry McCormack) #100

I think you’ve missed the point @BillAmes. The printing company most likely pays wages to an operator and that is included in the price. Making and personally owning your own automatic printer means all the profit goes to you.
Yes you’ll have to pay taxes just like everyone else.
I’ve already included the cost of blank stock and printing cost and at a possible $1,600 per week profit, that should cover maintenance and replacement nicely.
I have a printer next to me where I live. Many have one next to their computer. My rent won’t go up because I’m printing more.
I could go on but I think it would be quicker if you read what I’ve already written. If you still don’t agree that it’s a good idea that’s possibly viable, that’s okay. We all see things differently and I wouldn’t want to waste your time when you could be spending it on your sci fi story.

(Barry McCormack) #101

Sorry @ACD but I’m not in your employ. I’m not sure you’d trust a business plan done by me anyway. If you see any possible prospect that there is a way for you to adopt and profit from my idea, I suggest you do your own research and create a business plan.
Thanks for taking the time to have shown a little initial interest anyway.