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Sorry @ACD but I’m not in your employ. I’m not sure you’d trust a business plan done by me anyway. If you see any possible prospect that there is a way for you to adopt and profit from my idea, I suggest you do your own research and create a business plan.
Thanks for taking the time to have shown a little initial interest anyway.

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Why is this “idea” being discussed?

(Bill Ames) #103

Think of it like this. If someone took your idea as presented, invested in the necessary materials, began operation and within months found it was not a viable business because of all the things you did not mention (from the business plan) and the person lost all they had invested. Would you feel any responsibility for this persons failure?

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If you really want to know, maybe you should start a new thread?

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Here is something you need to consider.

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If I thought I had purposely mislead them and their failure was due to that then I would. Every time someone starts a new business, especially as I have made it clear, an unproven one, takes a risk.
All I’m doing is sharing an idea Bill. I haven’t asked anyone to invest in anything.

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Your idea as seen by others:

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But you are, you are asking them to invest in your idea.

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More for your consideration:

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So we can agree at least that technology is taking people’s jobs. My point is that it’s not only firms that can own technology. Every person who has lost their job for this reason has the opportunity to evaluate my idea and if they think it’s viable, can take the chance it will work for them. I’m not offering any guarantees, I’m just sharing an idea. That’s why I put it on ideapod. It’s an idea.

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I beg to differ:-

May 25
That’s alright Justin. I’m not asking for anyone to invest in my business.

(Bill Ames) #112

I think I have offered useful feedback to anyone reading your posts and considering your idea. What I would like to see is a post by someone who has successfully implemented your idea. Here in the US we have places where you can bring in an image file and have it printed in color or B&W. See:

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This looks like a really useful site with helpful tips for anyone who might be considering trying my idea out.
On my website, I suggest posting buttons linked to an order page. I suggest busy sites relevant to what you’re printing. eg wedding sites if you are printing cards for instance.
I understand that paper products are being used less because of phones and tablets but things like beer mats should be around for a long time to come.

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I appreciate that. The main thing that makes my idea different is making the printer automatic. That way you don’t have to stand in front of it waiting for it to jam, run out of ink or stock. The idea is to make it run for 24 hours then the only thing you have to do each day is restock it and deliver what it has produced to a post box. I estimate this will take me less that one hour per day while my printer can be busy all day and night.
I realise it might take months or years to spread enough advertising buttons to make it that busy but once I have one set up, it’s there for life.
The more buttons I spread, the more I make. If I stop spreading buttons my income will continue.
Not having to pay an operator drastically reduces the cost of the product.

(Bill Ames) #115

What do you think people who see your idea will do? You have a reason for posting your idea, what is that purpose? For me it was an interesting exercise in evaluating a business opportunity and providing feedback in the open forum for anyone interested. I am willing to answer questions any may have about your idea, but most of my answers will stress that due diligence is absolutely essential for the success of any business. Many failed business was the cause of not listening to the answers when they did not agree with unrealistic expectations. When you ask people to write a business plan, there are lots of info on the web on how to do that, they will not go that path. It is too hard (it is very hard) and most well done plans will show that the business will fail. See:

(Barry McCormack) #116

True and there are many reasons a business might fail. All I’m pointing out is that we already have the technology available to make a machine automatic and it’s getting cheaper all the time. Not having to pay an operator gives an advantage in pricing.
It’s a relatively tiny initial investment compared to say buying a shop and it can take very little personal time once it’s running efficiently.
I see it as an extra income and if eventually it earns as much as your present income, you have the option of retirement knowing that whenever you spread more buttons it’s like giving yourself a pay rise.
Selling is a numbers game. A percentage of people who see your buttons will click. 1,000 buttons will earn approximately 10 times more than 100 buttons.
Of course, you’re also not limited to one machine.

(Bill Ames) #117

You have an opportunity to make good money for yourself. Some people sell a franchise but you may have a more basic product. If you do the hard work (it is hard work) and create custom business plans you can sell this information as a package. People should be willing to purchase the information they need to start business. You are in a position to collect this information. The internet (and others like me who will answer your questions) are your resources. At least you should consider this, IMO.

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I don’t have the skills but you do. If you look into it and find I’m correct that this is a possible low investment, relatively high potential business opportunity, that would be my wish.
I’m not sharing this idea for personal benefit or glory. I’m sharing it freely because of the possible good it could do.
I understand your caution. You’ve always struck me as a responsible character. I also recognise your visionary skills. If you did this you could go down in history as a person who changed the world (if you’re not already).
I’m not saying that flippantly. I honestly see this as an idea that’s potentially life and world changing but although I’ve got a very basic concept, I’m not sure I’m convincing many people.
A well crafted business plan is definitely what’s needed. That and a video of an automatic printer would be hard to argue with.
You wouldn’t be taking anything from me. Cooperation is all I’m looking for. If you got rich in the process, I couldn’t think of anything better.
As I said in an earlier post, It’s the future. It should be the present. Consider it my present to you :grinning:

Unique money making idea with a good foundation!
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Finally! Stop there or draft a plan.