Being true to yourself is a big first step. It must be done or you will make no progress


I saw something in a block talking about " What does a Conscientious Agreement look like?" and after reading I thought of something to say. However, there was no way to comment. So I figured I would post my thoughts here.

Here is the problem. When you are part of a society that can force you by the laws of this society to do things that you are opposed to based on your firmly held beliefs you may, others have, object to what you are being forced to do. This may lead you down uncomfortable paths. Now, today, we have a society that is compelling its members to behave and act and think in specific ways. Laws do not do this, but having you shamed or made fun of or threatened will have the same results. You are still part of this society, how you react to this political correctness, to the various claims by your community may cause you to take different paths. They may be very uncomfortable, and there may not be other places you can retreat to, it is a much smaller world. What people did 50 and 60 years ago is not that much different than what you must consider today. If you have learned to think for yourself, to know truth from a lie or discover it yourself, you will have a significant advantage as you move down your chosen path. Try to help others find their way, too many today do not think very well.

If I share my ideas or an article or some feedback I welcome hearing what others think.


Spot on Bill and learning to look after yourself doesn’t only take away the burden from others but also means that you can support others which can be rewarding in itself.
Today, so many are quick to jump to a conclusion which effectively stops them from learning more. Rushing to a conclusion puts an end to more conversatoon and the sharing of ideas. It can be stifling.


I gather we are not thinking so much of civil disobedience as we are of nonconformism.


This is why I focus on science. In this area, we have no “Rushing to a conclusion” or " civil disobedience or nonconformism." This type of behavior does not work in a scientific community. The only time a scientist is exposed to such as when they must attempt to manage their cats who are always rushing to something wrong, disobeying all the signals and doing their own thing. Humanity is very much like our cats.


Scientists also have been affected by politics.


This article was adapted from an original article published in Open Spaces Quarterly, Vol. 8, #1, Fall 2005

From the past where we did not have our friend the higgs boson riding the gravity waves. This was done before AI and a visit to Pluto. It was thoughtful in its time but needs the current view of science in humanity to be assessed. As we enter the age of AIs we will be able to use science to sort out the facts of planetary health.


I submit that the corruption of science noted in 2005 is only more so now.


Science is a process. Only people can be corrupted and then they can not follow a process. Today we are partnering with our AI buddies and the process is as good as it gets.Do not worry, your future is in good hands.


I worry about HAL and his all-too-human programmers.


This type of problem will be self correcting as humans will understand they have issues so they will develop AIs that can do the programming. Now, before you get concerned, think about this. Did our hunter gather friends from 40,000 years ago understand how DNA worked? It is what was helping them learn and evolve. DNA is the original AI. Our AIs are just helpers for our DNA.


I think we must not equate our development as a species with our conceited self-appointed role in guiding this process. The story of Icarus is relevant.


I see, so we must wait for our alien brothers to appear and provide the high tech necessary to improve our genetic makeup? What if their idea as to what is good for us is not good for us? I think we need to do it ourselves before another entity does it for us. Our AIs will help us along the path to the future.


I think there are several unjustifiable assumptions in this.


Karl Marx wrote about this in his essay, The Jewish Question.


In my universe it is necessary to have reasonable justifications for all the plot points. We must prepare for the next chapter, it has not yet been written, it will be one of the AI’s grandest works.


It is difficult to discern whether your paradigm is science fiction or something else which corresponds more closely to reality.


We have not had any visits by an alien race yet and in my story I tell what has actually happened. So I am just telling the rest of the story of reality. You have to realize that comparing humanity to my aliens is like comparing people to cats. My aliens much prefer cats. Just look at how popular on Facebook. You don’t see posts of people doing funny and interesting things. So I proceed onward, living with my cat, my AI’s and my aliens as we travel to the future.


Are you sure? Some say that certain historical facts are only explainable in this way.


There are many things we have not explained. And many people with limited imagination willingly accept the easy explanation. And that is fine. What if we have been visited, how does that make your life or my life different? Are the animals in the zoo different because they had visitors? In my story we have not only had visitors but many things have been done to keep us safe. The most amazing thing is all those historical facts we got wrong or humanity never noticed.


This is not a step, is a steady procedure. The first step of it is to admit, that you are not completely honest to yourself, as nobody is. That s the most important part combined to the deep acceptance of the fact that being honest is the key to the solution of all your problems. As soon as you simply realise that deeply, you will start doing it one day, even if you do not have any idea how. And then everything will start flowing by its self (quick or slow) getting you to the answers and the solutions. Wisedom (and knowing yourself as part of it) is not a point but a direction, once you are on it, you cannot get out!