Bug report for TAG option


When I had entered my first topic, I attempted to us the TAG option, “search or create.” I wanted to add the tag “AI” as it was not available. It did not allow me to be successful.


There’s a trust based system built into Ideapod Discussions. When you use it for a period of time, the ability to create tags becomes available. The reason for this is that new users learn how the discussions area is meant to be used. This way they are able to create tags which is an organizing element of the site.


I understand you point. However new users will just experience broken functionality and may at best ignore it and at worst tell their friends it does not work and don’t bother with it. What ever is presented to a user must be viewed by the developers from the user point of view. I do not disagree with your caution, I just think it could have been implemented in a more friendly manner.


Yes that makes sense. We’re using open source software for Ideapod Discussions and will progressively customize according to our needs. Sharing feedback here such as you’ve done is useful.