Can a person destroy him/herself with his/her own thought?


(Toku Piku) #1

(Bill Ames) #2

What do you mean destroy? A highly intelligent and creative person can cause themselves to give up their imagination and become just an ordinary person, consuming the works of others, only, no creativity of theirs left. So, yes, doubt can cause the mind to fail. Is this what you mean?

(Zubair Ashraf) #3

Yes ,it is possible that someone destroy himself with his on thoughts.Because our all action is the representation of our thoughts.Suppose a person always thinks about lust relating things but he could not fulfill his desire legally then can you image what happen with him?His whole life cycle will be disturb even that his blood relation,friends,office staff and social responsibilities.In this way,we can that a person ruin his self by his own thoughts.

(Bill Ames) #4

I believe it is not “thoughts” that cause this but a biological issue with his physical body. Your example. Just as an alcoholic may destroy their lives but it is the addiction that is the cause, again, biological. You can have people that are obese, 500 + pounds, and that ruins them, again, biological causes. The mind must be considered not so independent of its circumstances. And the mind can, by shear strength, solve many “biological” and “circumstantial” problems. perhaps a mind that is weak, has never learned how to think, can participate in its own demise. Not everyone can survive in this world.

(Zubair Ashraf) #5

Bill, i think biological problems are the end result of our thinking what do you say about it

(Bill Ames) #6

We have children, babies, that have problems long before they have learned to think, it is biological. Biology is with us as long as we live. Yes, you can think it is safe to drink the water or eat the food or not take your the drugs given to get you or keep you well. So the mind causes you to suffer biologically, but it is because you failed to think, not because of what you think.

(Zubair Ashraf) #7

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