Can Psychiatrists Help Us?


I even went to a psychiatrist. But instead of prescribing me antidepressants, he gave me lithium carbonate which is useless. So his reluctance to prescribe antidepressants, made my condition worse. I couldn’t take Modafinil anymore because it’s a stimulant and I have a high blood pressure. But it helped me before with ADHD. It helped me focus and clean my room. In the Philippines, psychiatrists are money-making morons. Psychiatry is not covered by health card, that’s why I have to pay by cash. And they charge a lot. Only to prescribe a useless drug. That’s why I decided to change psychiatrist. My friend recommended one. Because he said that the antidepressants were effective for him, it made him laugh and oblivious to bullying. It made him recover as well from depression.