Can we guess if this is why what will make you shocked to see 100 stunning photos that are freaking out those who are shocked to see? RTU

(Bill Ames) #1

Why are you here? There is nothing to experience except for some mild embarrassment. By carefully constructing a title from a list of the best click-bait phrases to show how the youth of today (I am an elderly mentor wizard) is sliding into that dark bottomless pit of hopelessness. Yes, you can find help here on Ideapod, but you must not be distracted by the devil’s squirrel galloping gleefully through bush and tree.

It is your fault, every time you take the click-bait you upvote the phrase on the list I found. Take a look at yourself in the mirror, not the real mirror, the intellectual one that is a favorite of the philosophers posting their wisdom here. It is only after you know who you are and why you are who you are that you can escape the click-bait addiction. There is hope. If you have read this far, it will be like the shocks they give to the rats for picking the wrong door. Go and return no more.

(Neil Simpson) #2

Upvoting this experiment in human curiosity.