Collection of random thoughts

(Neil Simpson) #1

Let me know if you can give examples of how any ideas contained here are pertinent to you in anyway.

(Bill Ames) #2

I can see that most all of the thoughts involved with interacting with people. It appears that this interaction has very often a negative impact on the individual. The wisdom in most of thee statements appears very good. Now, how did all this apply to me? In hindsight I see I avoided the negative stuff by avoiding people. I lived in a world I made and did not allow discord to enter. Most people I had to interact with, a boss, landlord, car mechanic, those that did not have my best interest in their heart I treated as mad dogs to be kept undisturbed, to be unnoticed in their eyes. My work was such that I could do it nearly unnoticed. As I look at the news now, watch all the craziness in the world I seem to have made the correct decision. Life events that were beyond my control were managed very well, in my profession the worrk might last for 3-4 years and the job ended. Each time this was an opportunity to improve my position and I was very good at that. Avoiding people that might cause me a problem worked well. I did my best to help others in need as best as my circumstances allowed. I never got caught up in religion (I do believe) and politics was so irrational it had no appeal. I was an amateur radio operator so and duck pin bowler so I had social groups that I was part of, but these people were all very good people, probably because it took a certain personality to be successful in these activities. I was fully aware of my limits, I looked to others for help as needed and understood the help I was offered. Most people I worked with lived in their own universe with all the social burdens seemed to welcome so I had little in common with anyone. No one I ever encountered seemed to have any imagination, they were more than happy to accept their world as it was, not a single thought to what might be possible. I have learned not to judge people as they do not usually have any clue as to who they are or what they do. I do not avoid people but when I start a conversation (usually on three subjects at one time) they quickly decide I am too odd and retreat to their world. I wonder if there are collections of random thoughts that apply to me? My cat knows how to push my buttons.

(Neil Simpson) #3

You are correct that most of my observations were related to interacting with people. As someone somewhat socially awkward for many years I have taken it upon myself to gain skills in order to be less awkward in social settings; whilst remaining still off-centre, personality speaking in most people’s eyes, yet I gained confidence that what I hav to say maybe of interest to the person I am speaking with.

The key problem is that these days most social functions are merely small-talk or conversations of little consequence. I find it hard to hide my boredom in such situations. If I do find someone interesting it is not hard to be interested in what they have to say. My passion is music so I will always seek out the musician or music buff at gatherings. I generally make a bee-line towards people into developing their lives through any passion or purpose driven ideas.

That said, it is key for me that they are able to articulate it in a way that their ideas are coherent and that the person can maintain my interest over a certain length of time. Being a good listener helps but listening does have it’s limits if something is not expressed well.

It is a flaw I am known to maybe suffer from as I expect people to keep up whereas I may not be precise in my speaking as my mind would have me believe. But at least it it something that with time I can work on.

(Bill Ames) #4

Me also.

Now, I am not a music reader or player, the closest to real music I have gotten is manning a camera on stage when doing a recording of the Bridgeport Symphony.

Music is very important to my creative activities and I can talk endlessly about that. So, if you wish to talk just use the message feature here. I will talk your ear off and do so on a dozen different subjects simultaneously.