Confusing area descriptions


I had asked for guidance on where to post my content and was advised: “Post in #ideajournal the conversations you want to start.”

The descriptions of your two sections, copied below, how I should use Discussions for a discussion which is the same as a conversation. I am not sure what I would expect from using Idea Journal. My feedback is that your descriptions are not clear enough and do not match the advise I received.

The topics appearing here are the stories and ideas directly posted to Ideapod. Want to start a discussion? Share your story or idea with us here:

Idea Journal
This is the place to journal your ideas. Share your raw thoughts, unfinished as they may be, and help others by building upon their thoughts with them.


Thanks for the feedback. I agree they need to be much clearer. I’ll work in this in the coming day or so and let you know here once it’s been improved.


If you have a forum on the web, it is usually all about discussions or conversations. Under that global heading, you have topic areas — a way for users and developers to manage a lot of different topics. If you have tried to split this global heading into two separate but similar subheadings, you may confuse people, no matter how carefully you word their descriptions. If you had just one entry point and carefully devised a high-level topic selection (words have meaning), you may be better off in the long run. For me, I want a way to plant ideas and answer questions related to these ideas. I want to have discussions related to my thoughts. I am also doing a lot of things, not so much “new ideas” but having fun with the tools and toys at my disposal. I need a place to share those and answer questions. I am also looking for ideas I can use in my creative writing; I need a way to ask a question and get answers. There three different areas I need to know where to post.