Creation mythology exploration

(Chris Lagos) #1

I enjoy writing, not to impart supposed knowledge but to push myself to explore the Apriori structure of what it is I’m compelled to navigate . I require pushback. That being said , we use limitation to navigate .we are trained to assume that because something exists , it must have a measurable beginning . When it doesn’t , it challenges our foundational presuppositions. We use story as abstract because comparatively our life is a story that plays out.

Ok this story posits that somehow there was nothing . You can’t have nothing exist without something to compare it to so here we introduce the hero , let’s call him Atom . Atom has 3 heads , called Proteus , Nutreus and Electrus. They cling together tightly because nothing else existed and they didn’t want to be alone. They existed before number . They inhabited a walled garden . A perfect paradise before and between odd and even numbers , so between odd and even , it was called Eden . It was perfect in every way.
But there’s a paradox , each say I’m in a relationship so I must be an individual in order to be in a relationship.
Is it possible I could have my own adventure in my own birthright ? They fought and wrestled in existential panic Then and there they each said to themselves and each other "Allow my individual potential " and with a gentle pop , they separated, right away they realized that they couldn’t exist without each other . dying , they knew they had to exist in order for nothing to exist . Instantly the 3 separate beings each had 3 heads . That repeated until there were an array of atoms . A large expanding field. The nutreuses wanted to reunite more than the other twos so they decided a secret pattern of bonding called fibbonus . They bonded into groups the other two regarded as prisons so they called the structure, “cell”. Once cell formed it had its own identity issues but also , the atoms, cell declared Independence and formed 13 colonies. Cell looked and saw the other cells appearing also with 13 colonies,
Cells saw each other, and repeated their promise ,“Allow my individual potential” . They bonded and expanded . Nutreuses wanted bonds , while the others wanted Individuation. Cells formed into masses that became separate . The space between the masses became an agreement , so as the masses grew , the space grew.
The larger masses of more organized bonding were powerful emitting light the nutreuses saw the light , and knowing it was a more organized bond, called all the separate lights as one collective " good "and the example of potential. The proteuses and electruses all said, yeah but we also agreed on individuations manifesting. And so they journeyed on , endless adventures , the three companions of the deep.

The courage to share ideas even when they're not fully formed or perfectly expressed
(Bill Ames) #2

Have you seen this?

I am a user and I believe Justin also is a proponent.

(Chris Lagos) #3

:smile: thank you, I was very aware of my errors in real time but was compelled to keep going before I was called away. I apologise for the errors.

The courage to share ideas even when they're not fully formed or perfectly expressed
(Bill Ames) #4

I always appreciate it when others help me improve my presentation. I did find it a bit confusing and wished to know if it was me. Not me. If I could only find a tool that improved my thought process. xD

(Chris Lagos) #5

The download is pending. Thanks, although I’ll edit for sure.

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:movie_camera: Jimmy Durante 'Did You Ever Have the Feeling ’ - YouTube

:slight_smile: the 3 companions of the deep still bonding, separating continually manifested.

(Bill Ames) #7

I really enjoyed hearing and watching him on radio and TV, so much talent has never been replaced. xD

(Chris Lagos) #8

I was encouraged by something Jordan Peterson said about writing, he said hey do it poorly if you have to, you can always polish it. Probably should have just wrote on paper I guess. However, if I did , I probably would have just tossed it.

The courage to share ideas even when they're not fully formed or perfectly expressed
(ACD) #9

I am more interested in what came before the event which produced the beatiful mess you have so cleverly described. What event? Well, I envision it as a very great release from a hypothetical point which defines the beginning of time. So I am interested in that which is before time. I am also, though slightly less, interested in what came after the beginning of time; and even less interested in what is yet to come though still very interested none the less (as it were).

(Chris Lagos) #10

Thank you , I read about a theory in which future events affect the past, so if during the time before time was compelled into being by awareness of life. That there archetypal potentials struggling towards manifestation .

(Chris Lagos) #11

I noted significant security issues with the program, I’ll continue to rely on my ability to write proper English. There will be times , such as this where compulsion to write overrides known discipline.

The courage to share ideas even when they're not fully formed or perfectly expressed
(ACD) #12

Circularity or parallelness or enfoldedness of time is indeed an attractive hypothesis to explore. It would address the notion of infinity and the first-cause problem.

(Chris Lagos) #13

I see fluid motion and feel my mind trying to frame it, funny the need to frame for simple comprehension.

(ACD) #14

“The implicate (also referred to as the enfolded) order is seen as a deeper and more fundamental order of reality. In contrast, the explicate or unfolded order include the abstractions that humans normally perceive… the weirdness of the behavior of quantum particles is caused by unobserved forces, maintaining that space and time might actually be derived from an even deeper level of objective reality.”

(Chris Lagos) #15

I find Mesopotamian mythology fascinating , also Chinese creation mythology must bear some truth in my view.

(Chris Lagos) #16

With respect to time, I suspect that time must be the usage of energy. Let’s say for example, nothing exists ,
then no energy is expelled to observe in time. Like a candle can be observed to last 20 hours.

(ACD) #17

Creation must address, whether allegorically or otherwise, the question of causality. The idea that the cause of all that exists is that which exists outside of the dimensions which are perceptible to us may be termed creation ex nihilo - out of nothing. That nothingness may be termed an implicate order or a reality which is deeper and more fundamental than what we are able to observe. This is perhaps what all creation myths address allegorically and this may be their fundamental truth. Time and energy may only be part of the explicit order or that which we are capable of observing. Time and energy may not be a necessary dimension of the implicit order.

(Chris Lagos) #18

Brilliant that seems reflected in being . That one may spiral down to greater degrees of nihilism and atrophy matter. Conversely, one could spiral upward toward meaning by the act of not only being who one is in ones environment, but coming into greater degrees of being by awareness of self in the environment, adopting increasing degrees of responsibility and come into alignment with ones potential. To say , let there be potential , because one must consciously and subconsciously “allow” it even at the atomic level.

(Chris Lagos) #19

With respect to time and energy , I suspect that stored energy could represent the nothing abstractly . The usage of that energy represents time as in an hourglass.

(Mark's Myth) #20

Eleprocon, eleprocon
tell me an age old secret
Eleprocon, eleprocon
where do you hide and keep it
you started with a word
this I have heard
and now I intend to seek it…

@Csmith seems we may be weaving the next new mythOS