Creativity Mojito



Delighted to be in this discussion group.
I am Patric Rozario and I hail from Malaysia. I am a visual artist and I create with pearls, gems and crystals. My family and I have been based in Doha, Qatar for the last 14 years.

Apart from creating art, I hold workshops on Creativity. My workshop is called Wings Of Creativity. I am also a consultant at an English school in Doha, where I consult and teach creativity every Monday.

I am a strong believer that talent and skill are nurtured and has very little to do with genetic grooming. Practice don’t make perfect. Right Practice makes perfect.

Recently I did a YouTube video called Creativity Mojito. It is based on the premise that when we can’t improve the product or service (to increase customer satisfaction), we need to look beyond and away for the product or service, and look at what other things the customer does after buying the product or service. Here is the link:

I love to hear opinions from others on this topic.

-Patric Rozario


Welcome. I hope you find many here who appreciate creativity as that is the purpose humanity was created and continues to exist. With our limited lifespan we have frequent turnover in the creative pool and are seeing new output every day. I am sure you are very aware that Peridot, Garnet, Perl and Ruby are very popular to many people all around the world. Do you sell to the USA?


Good to hear from you.
If you are referring to my creations, yes I securely pack and ship to the US.


Where does one go to look at your products and to discuss them?


Great video, I love the way you explained it. I agree, that selling a product takes a lot more than just a good product. It’s about putting some heart and soul, and creative thinking into it. Making it an experience, something the customer will remember and tell their friends about, rather than just a product. Thanks for sharing.