Depression that has no cure

(Mel Saint) #1

Right now, I’ve already stopped taking antidepressants as I don’t think they’re useful enough for me. Can’t say the same for others, as we have different physiology. I have just accepted in myself that maybe there is a depression that never goes away. We call that “treatment resistant depression”. And in conjunction to that, we have what we call “highly functioning depressed people”. I no longer buy the overly simplistic explanation of “chemical imbalance theory”. I’ve actually used all those serotonin inhibitors to no effect. Although I wouldn’t want to dismiss its efficacy in other people. As antidepressants goal is to prevent you from taking suicide or from being totally crazy. It’s an early intervention. But for the rest who are on the milder tolerable side, I think just living with it will do. Or in the Bible: “Carry your cross”.

I’ve recently had a therapy session. Instead of blaming the douchebag I’m reporting, all blame is on me. So in essence, we are going to negate the fact that good and evil exists. That there are simply douchebags out there waiting for their death and time in hell. I don’t believe in this approach. If I would tread this path, I had to take drugs, marijuana so that everything will be good vibes. Or I will be retarded who has no social awareness. Or I will be crazy and just laugh for no reason. All of them have already lost their mental faculty. So I’ve realized that the best strategy is to just go live with it. Ignore the assholes but never portray the assholes as saints in your head. Ok your mental health will improve but we do have spirituality as well, right? Not seeing the bad in the society will make us happy, but make us evil as well. I maybe happy but tomorrow I’ll die and go to hell.

(Bill Ames) #2

Is your daily life experienced by just you or are you with others? Here you are never alone but you will only find compassion. What is your need?

(Michael Detrick) #3

Hello Mel Saint,

I am not going to judge your situation as being bad or good. I certainly feel it is not judgmental to say that I can easily imagine situations which are more enjoyable. The fact that you are embracing your depression instead of resisting or fighting it might possibly be a good start to your discovery of a new and different path which could possibly allow your conscious self to experience moments of joy more often and depression less often.

You are correct in that there are people who simply must live with some degree of pain, whether emotional or physical. I understand both as temporary conditions, but fortunately for me, I always end up coming out into the Light at the other end of the tunnel.

One approach to depression which many people have taken successfully it to participate in the native South American ceremonies which use the powerful herbal medicine called Ayahuasca. It is definitely NOT a recreational drug. Indeed, in spite of the amazing healing, emotional, spiritual, and physical which many of us have experienced, the journey with this plant medicine is one with a great deal of temporary discomfort.

After being reviewed by the US Supreme Court, this plant medicine is legal to use if it is with a “church” which incorporates it as an integral part of its religious doctrine.

There are a growing number of these “churches” in the USA. The same goes for Canada. The plant is completely legal, to the best of my knowledge, in most of Latin America. I have attended several conferences of professional doctors, psychiatrists, and other healers that are studying and using this medicine very successfully.

You can search for Dr. Gabor Mate on the internet. I have been to 2 of his conferences. He is a psychiatrist here in Canada who has studied it and used it successfully in his addition clinics in BC.

You can also search for Rythmia in Costa Rica which is a healing resort that is truly magical and professionally managed, including a complete medical staff. This is the place I would say is the best place to start.

If that does not work for you, there is a very good “church” in Orlando Florida. I know a person who has gone there and found great emotional healing. It is a legal entity. There is another one in Kentucky, and the Santo Daime Church in New Mexico are other places in the US where you can explore this approach.

Or, since this is your path and your life, you can continue on the path of simply accepting your situation. Either way, I embrace you as a fellow human being, send you love, and pray that you will soon find the path which is your destiny. Blessing to you, my friend.

PS - If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will only answer that which I know to be true. I won’t wander off into a realm of speculation and empty promises.

(Mel Saint) #4

Unfortunately, I cannot take Ayahuasca since I have a pre-existing high blood and heart disease. Thanks for your suggestion though. I love your words of wisdom! Maybe pain is to be embraced, pain is part of life, it’s what makes us stronger.