Dr. Peterson Saved My Life And Yet, He is Still a Nazi


I will openly admit that I’m going through a really rough period in my life and the waves has ease tremendously thanks to Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. Some of you are already beginning to get pissed off or some of you are a fan but I am not really in the mood to support either side nor am I going to waste my energy debating for Dr. JBP because that is not my job.

Last year, I learned more details about my dad with his involvement with the Khmer Rouge that threw me into a position of existential, agonizing pain that became so unbearable that I was starting to get angry. I wanted revenge. I wanted the Rouge to pay for what they did and so, I wanted to get into Cambodian politics and overthrow those sons of bitches out of power. I knew if I wanted to save the Khmer people, I will lose my life but I didn’t care.

I wasn’t in the right state of mine.

My friend Tom saw this and traveled all the way to the Netherlands to see Dr. Peterson where he was touring for his book 12 Rules. Tom failed to get my question to him but he didn’t give up. His friend was about to lose alot for something he knew she would not stop until she loses everything. So, he contacted another friend who is working with Dr. Peterson as of right now on a documentary and asked him if he can get Dr. Peterson to answer my question. And he did at the 45:00 mark.

And so, I made a response to him in this video below:

He did not tell me once to fuel my anger but to forgive and love my dad. To learn that evilness is within all of us. Yet, why do people still smear him? Why do people hate him?

What makes me sad that I lost friends from the Ideapod community because I like Peterson. Friends that are supposed to be open to ideas, friends who I thought cared for me end up turning their backs on me.

Ideas are supposed to be challenged sure, but why go to the certain extent and smear someone as a Nazi? Dr. Peterson has helped so many people and sure, his politics may make some of your ears bleed but should you judge their actions more than their words?

I am moving forward with his help and I am pretty sure a Nazi wouldn’t take the time to help a young Cambodian woman to deal with her dragon of chaos.


Now the world is different. Our roles are changing, our tools are different. You can not change the past but you can change the future. Now, what do you plan to do when the first “argument” AIs become available and will go toe to toe with you on any subject and prove you are mostly wrong? Can we discuss anything that you need to learn about?


This is wonderful @boonnhem, what an incredible moment to have Peterson respond to you in such a meaningful way. What he says about your father is profound and really useful to so many people. It’s important we all have humility and compassion in understanding that we all can end up doing things that are evil in nature. And to find it within you to forgive uoir father… Amazing advice. Thanks for sharing it here.


I have listened to his lectures about 3 hours a day for about 7 months now. The man is as far from being a Nazi as anyone.


I heard his response to your question. I hope it helps you.


Such is the journey @boonnhem
Thank you for sharing yours with us.
I’m deeply moved by your fortitude to step beyond this threshold.


I think that I am wrong about everything TBH. Haha.


I think that I have listened to most of his lectures. Which one is your favorite? Has he helped you?


I particularly like the lectures on Pinocchio if I had to pick one. Absolutely he has helped me navigate so many things and really challenged my presuppositions in a way that I look back on with appreciation.
If I had to point out one fault in him, I’d say his proclivity to tell the left to act as individuals, while (perhaps unaware) encouraging the right to organize collectively.
He obviously knows better but I think he was so shook to the core by the evils that occurred under socialist rule that he has prejudice . I suppose he is susceptible to chemical payoffs of thought patterns as we are.
Anyhow, he has worked so hard apparently all his adult life to map out the most difficult things (at the risk of his sanity ) and record his journey for the rest of us .
I really appreciate his efforts.


That’s a fascinating observation. It seems to be an indication of tribal thinking, having a different message for different groups of people like this.

To use an example of a thinker I’ve followed more closely than Peterson, Chomsky very consistently urges people to collectively organize across the whole political spectrum.

@Csmith you’re touching on my own criticism of Peterson… I think he has many valuable insights to share when it comes to psychology and self-help, but when it comes to politics he sees things as “us” versus “them”, or “left” versus “right”. I see this with the way he engages his community on Facebook and Twitter. He seems to be a deep enough thinker to have the capability to unite various factions across as common set of ideas rather than creating an echo chamber around his own ideas.


The far-right dislike him as much as the far-left.


I do not believe that people who have the ability to think really have time for the “dislike” emotion. It is only through words that we learn about something or someone and those that can think are not deceived by words.