Everything Happens for a Reason

(John Bickerstaff) #1

Hello, My name is JB and I was just reading the above mentioned article (from about 6 months ago).
That is the exact reason I am typing today. Predetermination/ destination as outlined in my beliefs always leads us to something that will hopefully make us a better human being. Concepts and ideas are only that until put into practice and then are judged as positive or negative because of the input we have, coming from our experiences, our beings. Then society will judge our outward reaction to the situation. Listening to our “God-spot” in the brain is crucial in making decisions that will hopefully turn us to the brighter side of life and not keep us from backsliding into a negativity.

(Justin Brown) #2

Welcome, @chefbick65. Glad to know that the article on everything happens for a reason inspired you to join and introduce yourself. There’s actually a poll at the bottom of that article in case you want to participate in it.

I’ve had similar thoughts about ideas. Ideas put into action was the original inspiration for Ideapod.

Back in the very beginning, I thought about chronos versus kairos. These are two ways of describing time in Ancient Greek. Chronos is sequential time… time as it happens. Kairos means the right or opportune time.

Expanding on it from Wikipedia:

kairos is “a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved.”

In my understanding, there’s a really special quality when we act upon ideas in a way that brings the future into the present. I see this in terms of acting from the “flow state”, combining our expertise with full immersion in the moment, seizing the moment and driving through with force.

I think it’s similar to what you’re saying about listening to the “God-spot” in the brain.

We have so many different ways of describing a similar experience. I don’t think it matters so much what words we use. Rather, I hope that Ideapod is a platform that inspires people to “seize the moment”, “turn to the brighter side of life” as you put it, and embrace a way of living where our conceptions of time are turned up on their head.

(paul pellico) #3

“Believing in the philosophy…”
You used the word as well.
To me, in my opinion, the word has no place.
As in science, either know or we are trying to know.
Belief is not factual nor does it require facts or proof.

Sorry, but this old story was as helpful as my mom telling me she loved me.

(Mel Saint) #4

The tendency nowadays is to reduce everything neurologically. God is just a “mere spot” in the brain. Well, God is more than that. Because we are composed of body and soul. Modern medicine cannot explain the supernatural.

(Bill Ames) #5

After creating the universe I think having a place to reside and give us something to scratch is a wonderful concept. It is also a good seat to watch from. A lot of truth in your concept. I should give it a like.