Existential Depression

(Mel Saint) #1

I’ve been through my 3rd therapy and one thing I didn’t like is that “it’s always my fault”. We can’t deny the existence of douchebags in this world so why would I edit my mind and perceive douchebags as innocent people? Nowhere in the Bible does it say that. It is only in modern psychology that you can manipulate your thoughts. I am thinking of not continuing anymore in the talk therapy session as it is just a waste of time. I remember what my father said that it is only you who can solve your own problem. It is written: “Carry your cross”. Depression is a Millenial Trend nowadays. So I just hopped on to the bandwagon. But I realized that not everything that trends is real.

I’ve also settled in my mind that my goal would only be to make money. No more the Elon Musk of creating new inventions that would save humanity. Because I realized that people nowadays only tend to focus on money alone. Nobody gives a shit about creating cures for cancer, or for creating the holy grail for batteries. For me, smartphone technology is already saturated. With only once a year release, they’re having a hard time innovating and coming up with something new. Not unless they could make the camera look like a DSLR.

I also realized that if you want to be successful, you have to be with people with same goal in mind. Because mediocre people who have no dreams will drag you down.

(Murukessan Angappan) #2

I am in the same boat. Whatever I do, depression is an integrated part of my life. I can’t deny it. I can only find ways to accept it. Like Buddhist saying one has to accept the suffering of life to remedy it with solution. We are still newbies in brain science, so medicinal intervention is not the only solution. Grouping of like minds as you suggested might help.