Feelings of not really belonging

(Charity Wairimu Latz) #1

Hi my name is Charity Wairimu.Am Kenyan but residing in Germany.I have been searching for an answer to the question Who am I?The more l do the more l seem alienated from my old friends or acquintances.Is this normal?I feel like i am starting to live on another planet and liking my company too much.However,l came across Ideapod and l feel at home.I am truly grateful.Thanks a lot Justin and Ruda`.The Shamanism introduction is awesome and the topic on overthinking is a direct answer to my prayers.

(Bill Ames) #2

Who are you? An excellent question. Perhaps you could also ask, why are you? There are so many answers to such a puzzle. You share the burden with many. On a bright hot sunny day, the shade under a tree may be significant to a parent and child. You can not take the darkness and put it in your pocket, and you can not touch it; it feels you.

Perhaps you need to be the tree, providing shade from life’s turmoils, kindling to build a fire to stir the heart in the dark. Allowing the sun to reach the growing, so they blossom and bear fruit. Look for those with needs, and you will find assistance here.

(Charity Wairimu Latz) #3

Thanks for your words of wisdom.
As l continue to learn how to embrace my emotions which is like a week now
following Rudè’s Shamani’s teaching,l
am feeling alive and valued .It is a great
feeling.I have been providing help in my
home country ,loving others,but k was not
loving myself.l was not genuinely doing
it from a place of uncompromising love.
That is what l am working on.And your
Scenic example is truly beautiful.

(Neil Simpson) #4

TED Talks on YouTube are also very helpful. This one is very good.

(Bill Ames) #5

After watching this, I realized that what it had to say was reasonably accurate. It can not apply to everyone as life’s circumstances may be out of your control, but when you have a vote on what you can do each day, you will be well guided by the ideas in this video.

(Charity Wairimu Latz) #6

Thank you l am truly grateful for this
video.l find her very articulate.
Checking it a second and third time
to try and absorb her message into what
I was feeling when l brought up this topic

(Justin Brown) #7

Welcome, @Wakamauson! Thanks for sharing this. Glad to know that @ruda’s introduction to shamanism was enlightening for you.

I think this question - “who am I?” - is one of the key questions for us all to explore. Personally, I love this short discussion I had with @Ruda about mind and consciousness: Noam Chomsky on mind, consciousness and AI

Here’s a great quote from it:

That’s a great TED talk suggested by @BCFC-KRO. Here’s an article on Hack Spirit about it:

(Charity Wairimu Latz) #8

Am getting more amazed at the replies,and discussions.
It means to me that l do belong in this world where we
really do not know all, except in the here and now,If we
remain present long enough to look,LISTEN and Act.
I am still reading on and gratefully so