Feng Shui for dummies by David Daniel Kennedy



I saw there is a book discussion area here. So I walked over to a stack of my books and just grabbed the top one. I find Feng Shui fascinating personally. It’s mythology, philosophy, practicality. Very compelling subject. Has anyone here studied it ?


Thanks for sharing this and also posting the picture.

I haven’t studied or thought much about Feng Shui. What’s it all about?


OMG, the mythology is fascinating, it is steeped in numerology and astrology, it maps out all people into 64 personality types basically and posits that each type has a literal favorable direction to face their home, bed, desk etc… And that placement of objects, colors and elements should balance according to 5 element theory.
I could go on and on.


Please correct for this brief understanding of Feng Shui.

Living the harmony of life by balancing ourselves, to the earth and to the heaven (with our beliefs) by absorbing the positive vibe in many ways