Fighting Depression


I’m feeling depressed right now. I feel like nobody cares about my advocacies. Like with my agriculture advocacy, I tried to ask a lot of Agriculture graduates and Agricultural Engineers, and nobody seems to care. And then I saw a long line of people trying to claim their payouts from a pyramid/Ponzi Scheme. It seems that what people want nowadays is money and money alone. I’ve already solved the problem of money with my own “proprietary trading algorithm”. There are a lot of things much more important than money. Since I am alone in my fight, it will be like Don Quixote against the windmills.


I think the philosophy of Alain de Botton may be useful:

This quote in particular:

“You know, we’re often told that we live in very materialistic times, that we’re all greedy people. I don’t think we are particularly materialistic. I think we live in a society which has simply pegged certain emotional rewards to the acquisition of material goods. It’s not the material goods we want; it’s the rewards we want.”

It’s relevant to your comment that people seem to want money these days. I think de Botton makes a good point that it’s not actually the money they want, but rather the short-term emotional gain from spending or acquiring it.

I can’t think of a better approach to life than trying to find fulfilment, even in your suffering. I don’t offer this as an antidote to depression. Rather, just as general comments to the conversation you’ve started here.