Fighting Loneliness


It’s a Saturday morning and I’m all alone. It’s election in Monday here in the Philippines. I’ve always felt alone, not just in the sense of not having anyone with me or beside me, but being alone in the journey of life, in my advocacies. Like I’ve written in the past that nobody seems to care for Agriculture. Well, in the US, everything is already advanced, but not so in the Philippines. Food is cheap in the US because of mass production. In the Philippines, we still use carabaos and human labor to till the land. The most common argument against agriculture is that, aside from it being back breaking work, under the heat of the sun, is that Philippines is always visited by typhoons each year. But we don’t have the hurricanes and cyclones of US. Politicians get elected here but nobody gives a fuck about improving agriculture.

Another thing that saddens me here is that Filipinos don’t give a fuck about money. A beautiful networker messaged me on FB. I told her, I have a Camaro, I have a gasoline station. And then she stopped messaging. Isn’t that what she wanted? A rich guy, because networkers are lovers of money. Funny thing though is the owner of that networking firm, is a Civil Engineer who owns multiple franchises of Jollibee. If I talk to him then we can see each other eye to eye. But not with this stupid girl. I thought you wanted money? I can be your savior rather than posing with cars and money on social media. It’s hard to change culture. I’ve also met Singaporean networkers. But they think differently. When I told them I am a businessman, they got happy.


There are billions on the internet, is it difficult for you to find people with common interests? I do understand the problem, I am a senior citizen and find it very difficult to find like minded people, but that is because I have such diverse interests. What do you do with your imagination? What do you do for a livelihood? What entertainment do you watch or read? Who are you? When people try to start a conversation with you how do you respond?


Thanks Bill for the advice. I appreciate it!


This response is not a conversation starter and therefore not a loneliness solution.


It’s ok Bill. I’m just feeling down right now. And even those simple words helped.