Finding meaning in the noise by asking "The Big Why"


(Bill Ames) #21

Too many people are afraid of the truth, no matter how small. But, we have science that is always looking so eventually we will get a hand on it (the “why.”)

(ACD) #22

Here is a biologist’s attempt to answer this question:

(ACD) #23

Here is a physicist’s description of the limits of our ability to answer this question:

(Bill Ames) #24

It was interesting to see many of my thoughts and ideas presented in a very basic and understandable manner. One observation is the tendency to put a lot of stuff in terms that people of today can relate to. Think of what a person of 1920 would think of an ipad. It is an electronic book. They could not have any understanding in the technology inside it but thinking of it as an electronic book makes it relatable. This video is a very good introduction for a high school science class into what they will be learning in the next few years. None of the problems in the video are real because our AIs are not stupid and will have the necessary workarounds prepared should humanity try and touch the hot stove.

(ACD) #25


I thought this talk would be especially interesting to you. The well qualified speaker is a reasonable and effective orator at a venerable institution of learning. Britain at its best.

(ACD) #26

This is nearly unintelligible to me.

(ACD) #27

This is an interesting interview with a spiritual man.

(Robert Armbrust) #28

Vulnerability takes courage and that is the first prerequisite. Congratulations!

To create anything you have to overcome the 3 monsters; judgement, sarcasm and self-doubt.
They never really go away but you can put them in their place.
Little Ol you is the universe witnessing itself and it is NEVER little but it IS very old.
Don’t worry about time being wasted as long as you are trying, be worried about complacency and not getting up off the couch.