Forgetful? It may be helping you make smarter decisions, study says

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Did you also envy the child in class who could memorize everything, for whom any test or exam was a piece of cake due to a good memory? Did you also think this enviable person was much smarter than you? Science has shown this may be wrong! First of all, a good memory doesn’t necessarily…

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Hi. My name is Kristýna. According to research in this article, people who are forgetful may be highly intelligent. Though I am not a neurologist, I am a scholar. If the research is indeed correct, then I must be a genius because I forget names and conversations and overall events in my life. Hence, the claim is perhaps premature and more studies should be explored to proof this idea by other researchers. One study is never sufficient to claim such developments. I enjoyed the article; however, I am cautious and tend to disagree with this assertion. Thank you for reading my post. Any diplomatic and educated debates are welcomed. K.

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Me too a genius … Haha

On a serious note it is important to forget unwanted details