Freedom from Facebook?

(Mark's Myth) #21

Well put @ACD but this is not a new story and has been going on before the ideas of Jerry Mander (1978) in his book I mentioned above, all the way back to the formations of religion IMO.

(Mark's Myth) #22

Ummmm… I have yet to hear much of anything from the NK population as they have no connections to the outside world. I have not met or talked to anyone who is from NK but I wonder… Do the common people know, care or understand that they are a minority in the world and have had their rights diminished by comparison?

(ACD) #23

So the question is asked perennially and answered in as many ways as it is asked. Correct?

(Mark's Myth) #24

Yes, I would think so. The difference these days may be that with the amplification and accessibility to the feeds like never before in human history (that we know of) more and more of us are seeing through our own ignorance, what we are being force-fed, and how to better decipher data. Which in turn seems to be tweaking those perennial questions for the current context.

Noocracy: where do we go from here?
(Bill Ames) #25

Rational intelligent sentient beings are never force fed anything. Only people with weak minds are open to this. Just look at what they watch on TV and what is being advertised on those TV programs.

(ACD) #26

I wonder whether our self-awareness is greater than it was for the Sons of Liberty or the Paris Commune.

(Mark's Myth) #27

Consider years of schooling, cultural impositions, religion, etc. Only the few seemingly escape these confines.

(Mark's Myth) #28

Good question. Greater than or different?

(ACD) #30

Certainly different but also similar in that people took great risk to challenge the established order. Who is doing that today?

(Mel Saint) #31

FB is tiring especially during election time, random people cursing at you for your political views. We are supposed to be democratic, right? Sen. Ted Cruz is right: tech companies in Silicon Valley are leaning towards the left and they are creating algorithms to suppress the conservative voice. FB wants to promote homosexuality and liberal values. It has become a tool of the devil. Zuck has become the Devil’s Advocate.

Regarding ads, I love ads. I am a stockbroker. My goal is to find companies to invest in. Majority of the people here in Ideapod are not into money, well I find that ironic, because don’t complain about your bills if you don’t know how to make money. You can’t eat your cake and have it too.

Regarding privacy, I don’t give my real name. My posts are scripted. I have 20 FB accounts for privacy and security purposes. My posts are just an “advertisement” to beautiful women whom I keep adding as friends on FB. I suck at Tinder. FB for me is more effective than dating sites.

(Bill Ames) #32

I am “free” of Facebook because of what I know, no one forces you to use Facebook, only the weak are vulnerable.

(ACD) #33

“Monsters and titans share the stage of mythology across cultures as the necessary realisations of the human imagination. From stone cave to urban dwelling, the theme is unremitting; kept in the imagination, such creatures perform, innocently enough, benign functions. The catch here is the human tendency to realise such creatures. They take the form of social engineering and utopia. Folly bound, such projects and ventures wind up corrupting and degrading. The monster is born, and the awful truth comes to the fore: the concentration camp, the surveillance state, newspeak, the armies of censorship.”

(Bill Ames) #34

None of this is more than Alice in the looking glass. Avoid things that are not helpful, they will eventually go away. From my perspective, it is correct, a tempest in a tea pot. Make sure you have something to keep your life interesting and creative. Do not let the weight of the world be a burden.

(ACD) #35

As I noted elsewhere, my grandmother saw Hitler as a passing phase. He passed but not before much else.

(Bill Ames) #36

Why live in the past? You could have bad neighbors back 10,000 years ago. Do you go about warning us of their errors? No. Think of the future where all the important events will be recorded. It is obvious from my perspective.

(ACD) #37

The similarities between the current era and that leading to 1914 are astounding.

(Bill Ames) #38

What happened in the past was defined by the technology available. You can not compare then to now.

(ACD) #39

One can compare the two eras on many metrics, including technological change.

(ACD) #40

“The underlying issue here is the unspoken assumption that Facebook is too big to regulate, too big to bail, and too big to fail. Why does everyone think governments will allow Facebook to rule the world? And this brings me to my real concern about the Libra project. Facebook’s business model since its inception has been to harvest and monetize data. I see no reason to assume that this has changed. So when I find, buried in Libra’s whitepaper, two sentences that imply Facebook’s real aim in creating Libra is to set the standard for global digital identities, my hair stands on end.”

(Bill Ames) #41

As the population is replaced every 140 years, it is desirable to be able to keep track of everyone. So we need to have a universal identity so we can have something for our ancestors to find us with.