Freedom from Facebook?

(Mel Saint) #42

I am excited with Libra as they are going to do what Ripple has failed to do. Real time money transfer all throughout the world at a fraction of the price. As you know, intercountry bank transfers are still expensive and lengthy even in today’s time. So if FB will revolutionize that, through their social media app, then it will be a game changer. BTC failed to do that because it has become an object of speculation rather than a currency of utility. But the underlying questions will be is how to curb out terrorist and propaganda financing through Libra as we all know by now, FB has become a tool for propaganda. If Nazi had FB before, they would have had bought FB ads. So it will definitely be a subject of much heated controversy. It’s not going to be just a simplistic issue of money remittance from one country to another through Messenger.

(Bob Copeland) #43

I’m a senior citizen interested in self-preservation. When I was young religion told me God would look after me. Now with a (1- 800) number I can call Facebook & ask them where I am which seems to be much more reliable than God. What I really enjoy is that I, as a member of the great unwashed, can now communicate with the hoy polyol who under the old system of “privacy” wouldn’t give me the time of day. In the old days, the neighbours were your “Facebook”. Try taking a girl into your house, when parents are absent & see me get royal hell when they operate “privacy” by telling my parents what happened!!! In other words, nothing has changed!!!

(ACD) #44

“Platforms are only as socially useful as their owners want them to be… Facebook will have been good if it has taught us the necessity of exerting social control over such technologies… not sure the world will give them another 15 years to figure it out… It has helped provide a sense of community in an age when families have been split… What Facebook needs to understand most of all is that free speech ceases to be free when it is used to silence others… widespread adoption of social media is so recent that the world has not yet had time to adopt new norms and policies in response… There’s an old joke about an optimist who fell off of the observation deck of the Empire State Building. As he was passing the 30th floor someone called out to him: ‘How’s it going?’ He replied: ‘So far, so good!’ … Most importantly, because it is online, it means that the ‘mirror’ is warped. Its reflections are reshaped by everything from our conscious choices of what to post (or not) to the algorithmic and deliberate manipulations that alter not just what we see in our feeds, but what we think about the real world… has become a tool for dividing us into virtual communities in which our views are affirmed, but not always informed; where we are surrounded by the like-minded and exploited by commercial and political interests armed with our personal data. Whatever good it’s done is outweighed by these concerns… Facebook is under the gun. The technology industry is like Big Pharma, Big Oil, Tobacco, and Distilled Spirits all in one — the regulation is coming … Facebook’s data-gathering practices and user-privacy breaches have also underscored the importance of Facebook working together with Congress to address these serious issues… self-governance has not worked out well for Facebook and has not been positive for democracy… The network we logged on to 15 years ago is unrecognizable but as citizens we cannot outsource our privacy and security to tech moguls… Technologies, particularly in the media sphere, seem to inevitably move from improbable contraption, to dangerous tool whose implications are worryingly discussed, and thence to dull and semi-obsolete utility. The same radio that allowed European fascists to rally seemingly-civilized nations to conquest and genocide now struggles with a new technological threat (podcasts) while begging us for smalls sums of support… Facebook moved fast, Facebook broke things. I think the only question now is: Can Facebook fix the things it broke?”

(Bill Ames) #45

I have FB open on a separate PC at my left and I only see what I wish to see. I may get occasional PMs, I see things in my feed from my friends. I also follow some groups and see their content in my feed. I have a few pages or groups of my own. I do not register any ads, I have made them invisible in my mind. The FB GUI is horrible and if a better one appeared (FB stuff I like in a decent GUI) I would go there. FB is just a glorified public to view email program with no more responsibility for human behavior than my Microwave.

(ACD) #46

Is this similar, from a moral point of view, to the maxim: guns don’t kill people, people kill people?

(Bill Ames) #47

In England they disallowed guns now they are going after cutlery. Yes, it is the people, have you ever seen a spoon hold up a liquor store?

(ACD) #48

Only in the movies: Hannibal Lecter.

(Mel Saint) #49

You complain a lot about FB but do you happen to realize that Caucasians don’t use FB as often as they think they do?

(Justin Brown) #50

Do you have any evidence for this? Facebook’s reports show decreasing time on site? Perhaps it’s declining, but people are habitually going into Facebook’s newsfeed tens of times during the day. Maybe hundreds.

(Mel Saint) #51

Yes I do, Justin. This is not to be racist. Because FB has its own metrics for measuring usage by demographics. We only need to think globally. Usage per country, sex race, gender, age. FB has all that information.

(ACD) #52

And now there is this:

(Bill Ames) #53

If you think about it, most food shopping is local. Replace the local big chain grocery store with an Amazon like warehouse and have your stuff delivered by AI vehicles.

(ACD) #54

(Bill Ames) #55

Here is where we need more data. The statement may be true, but we need to know “why” for the statement to have useful value.

(Boonn Hem) #56

I honestly think that Facebook and Twitter has damage discourse especially politics. I am now more interested in face to face discussions instead of online ones.

(Bill Ames) #57

Talk to me on Skype?