From the Ideapod About page, the following words caught my attention, "explore meaning."


As a child, I would experiment pouring vinegar into a mixture of water and baking soda. I never considered if there was any meaning, did either ingredient have to think about how or why they reacted? I did not think so; therefore I did some exploring on the net and found the following:

Now, this is genuinely exploring meaning. I think I have been biased in what I hear. The net provides a source of stability:

These are not just suggestions, and there are no feelings associated with these values.

The implication is remarkable. It means (perhaps) that any article about things not governed by the values of the physical constants is vulnerable to interpretation. No one can ever be correct or in error. None can be tested by the “scientific method” as it is impossible to define what is being tested or measure the results. What can you learn from this? If a post uses terms like 'love" or “hate” or “beauty” or “attraction” they are probably absolutely perfectly accurate or miserably wrong.

Where can one go to find meaning in anything? Well, If I tell you I may be right or wrong or both, sort of QED in the real world. You find meaning in what you create. Your job is well done, art you design, your children, the music you make. If you look for meaning in what others create you will find that which is compatible with whatever you believe.

Your life is governed first by those physical constants, ignore them at your peril. They make you hungry, procreate, touch the hot stove only once. If the things you have learned, taken from the meaning you believed you might do very well, or be miserable.