Full of Demands


How do we respond to a person full of demands? Do we give in to them and in the process empower them and just make them demand even more? I realized that giving in is just succumbing to be their willing slave, subject to their every whims and wishes. I’m not a genie in a bottle and my patience is limited. I am nice but my patience shouldn’t be overstretched. There are a lot of people out there waiting for me, with zero demands whatsoever. So why settle for someone who has perfectionist ideals but has nothing perfect to give in return? I’m done with all this BS. Antidepressants empower me to say hell no and fuck with that. I’m not gonna give in. Be it at work or relationship. I am kind, and I am no way douchebag. So trying to stretch my patience is so uncalled for. I am not a robot. I have emotions.


Hang in there @saintmel45. We meet all kinds of personalities on the net. Many will skirt around what you have to say and some will deliberately misinterpret or change the subject just to see if they can get a rise from you.
As long as you personally know that you are sharing with good intentions, bring your thoughts back to that fact and you’ll find it’s more difficult for them to climb your invisible wall.
There are many great characters who value people who take the time to contribute even if they don’t always agree. Please don’t shut yourself off because of a few dickheads.


Thank you so much! I appreciate it!


I think you can not be separated from the environment, it is full of demands , whether it be a person, stairs , a river , traffic , family…
I think the only paradigm of utility when confronted with these demands , is lift as much of the burden as you can in respect to reality so that in doing so , you respect yourself. Being asked by the world to carry it’s burden is a compliment. Rise up to it , face it and rest easy.

I hear late in life , people don’t really regret their mistakes. What they regret is the things they could have done to make their world better but did not do.