Getting started with Ideapod Discussions

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Welcome to Ideapod Discussions! This is the place for the Ideapod community to meet while exploring ideas together.

Here’s what you’ll find here:


The #discussions category shows the topics created by each new article published on Ideapod ( Each article automatically creates a new topic. You can reply to the topics. The most engaged with comments show up on the originally published article. To see the original article, click the link at the top of the topic post. Anyone can submit an article for publication here:

Community Posts

You can start your own discussions in #ideajournal and #whoswho. The Ideas Journal is a place to share your ideas while also replying to others. Who’s Who is where you can introduce yourself to the community.

Best of the Week

Ideapod has a new weekly email newsletter going out to over 80,000 people. There are two new sections that we would love to get your help with:

Broaden Your Perspective: This is a section in the weekly email newsletter recommending articles from around the web that have helped to broaden your perspective. Share them in #recommended-articles.

What We’re Reading: This is a section in the weekly email newsletter where we share the books that the community is reading. Share your recommendations in #books.

Please explore!

Welcome to Ideapod Discussions!